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Repentance, Dr. Faustus' Last Chance For Redemption It can be argued that Doctor Faustus is damned from the moment of conception. Faustus is a man who does not comply to any set of moral codes or to any one religion. This raises the question of whether repentance is indeed acceptable or even obtainable by Faustus. I would argue that it is not. Doctor Faustus asks for more than was intentionally made to him through God's plan, yet it was God's gift to him of his intellect that tempted

Jane Eyre After reading the novel Jane Eyre, I found that a lot of things that happened to her would have been different if she had been attractive. Obviously her treatment by Mrs. Reed and company would have been improved. She would have been considered delicate, and people would not have abused her. But this example is extremely obvious, and you must look more in depth to find things that are more insightful. In fact, Mrs. Reed may have liked Jane enough to have given her that letter fr

The book So Far From God illustrates several aspects of spirituality and emotional restrains which makes it very difficult to focus on just one point. Several characters are active in several activities occurring at the same time and very few characters are engaged in just same types of pursuit throughout the book. The character of Don Domingo, which I will be talking about in this paper, for example, has gone wild with his addiction towards gambling to fulfil the greed he has of making

Metamorphosis: 20th Century Alienation Gregor Samsa, the main character in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, wakes up one morning to find himself as a large unappealing bug. Through symbolism, Kafka creates a totally new story out of The Metamorphosis. He actually is not a bug. Being a bug just symbolizes individual alienation. The part of him being the bug indicates his separation from the rest of the world. Just like bugs, Gregor tries to succeed in going on with his own business. After G

My Antonia is a book about realism of the late 19th and early 20th century. The Webster's Dictionary defines Realism as "Picturing and seeing people and things as they really are." That is what this book does; it shows "people as they really are." It does not glamorize what pioneer life was like. It tells us the hardships that these people dealt with, and gives us the sense of the meaning of family and friendship they had. Because without friends and family sticking together as a whole then

through the hard times alone. In my paper on My Antonia, I will attempt to show the symbolism and meaning of the main characters of the novel. I will also attempt to show the meaning andvel. I will attempt to show the theme and how this time era is different from what we areiving The two main characters in this novel are Jim Burden and Antonia Shermerda. They are the symbolic level of this novel. Jim lost both of his parents in Virginia and has come to live in a whole new world on his

Simon: the great philosopher of the island, is the only one of the boys to see the truth about the beast and the island. He understands that the beast is not a real thing but it is the object of the boys fear and hate, and he is the first to see that the behavior of the boys is self destructive "`They talk and scream. The littleuns even some of the others. As if -' As if it wasn't a good island.' Astonished at the interruption, they looked up at Simon's serious face" (52). The observation Simon

Is Land Worth More Than a Friendship A man must pursue his dreams. This is certainly true for everyone of the humankind, for if there were no dreams, there would be no reason to live. Duddy Kravitz understands this perfectly, that is why he is one of the most ambitious young man of his time. From the moment he heard his grandfather say "a man without land is nobody". He is prepared to seek the land of his dream-no matter what the cost would be. There is no doubt that Duddy is very shre

Brandon Harris 2-11-98 4th Period The Andromeda Strain By Michael Crichton Space truly is the final frontier. All over the world people are trying to find out as much as possible about this region. But what if what we found in space was something deadly? What if something came back that threatened to destroy the entire human race? This is exactly what happened in The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. In the opening incident of the book, a space probe sent into the upper at

American Idealism in "O Pioneers!" One of the foundations of America and one of the things that make America great is it's idealism. Immigrants made their way to America with the attitude that they could start out with nothing and become successful. An example of one such person is Alexandra Bergson in the book "O Pioneers!" by Willa Cather. Alexandra exemplified American Idealism in this book by her stubborn attitude in the things she believed in. Alexandra believed that she and he

"The Wind that Blows is All Anybody Knows" As the inspiring song writer, Janis Joplin, sings, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose". In society today, everybody tightly grips on to their own definition of freedom. A large number of modern-day pro-rights groups, spend all of their efforts convincing people that someone or the government is taking away their God-given freedom. Like lifeless puppets, society confides in these freedom seeking institutions, such as the NRA an

Comments on Portrait by Caitlin Wrobel In the novel, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, our first impression of Stephen Dedalus is that he is an outsider. It is known that he is in a school where many of his peers are of a higher class than himself. In fact one of the first conversations he has that we read of involves him being asked the following questions. "What is your name?….. What kind of name is that?…. What is you

In the poem The Seafarer, translated by Burton Rafael, a man is telling hardships of the male, Anglo-Saxon life. In the period of time, that this poem takes place in, men were constantly on ships for war or travel. This middle-aged man looks old and haggard, who's quietness, faith in God, and enjoyment for new adventure has blanketed his loneliness. …forth in sorrow and fear and pain, Showed me suffering in a hundred ships, In a thousand ports… The above l

The young years. Adoph Hitler's parents both came from peasten and catholic families. Adolph was born 6:30 p.m. April twenty 1889. They lived in south Austria. As a young boy Hitler showed great leadership skilled. He organized raids on local apple trees. He was a intelligent young man and enjoyed panting He left for high school at the age of twelve and did very poorly. This was probably because his father and brother had gone to war with each other. Now the young Hither was

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, several uses of imagery are used in relation to themes and motifs. Categories of these uses of imagery are in such literary devices as motifs, sensory details, color, and the stream of consciousness. With all this imagery and devices, Joyce can use it and Stephen to explore the depths of the human mind and the human heart. Motifs such as names and the role

Of Mice and Men (1937), written in the same genre as The Grapes of Wrath, that of a story about migrant farm workers and their lives as a reflection on society, was the book that thrust Steinbeck into the limelight as a national celebrity. He won many awards and honors including being picked as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Year. Steinbeck's style is what earned this praise, that of a natural flow of words which are simple in form but complex in their meaning. He painstakingly d

Abortion In the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison, the main character, Sethe, commits a crime unthinkable and incomprehensible to most people today. She murders her own child, her own flesh and blood. The institution of slavery drove Sethe to make this drastic decision. Comparing the situations of slavery to today's society is impossible. Yet, we still see mothers killing babies (or fetuses). The issue of abortion has been a constant in our society for years. Is the emotional struggle to

Reading of Handmaid The Handmaids Tale presents a futuristic society in which men and women do not have an emotional relationship. They need one another only for procreation. Men are represented as powerful and self-sufficient. Women are relegated to the position of servants. The intricacies of this society are examined through the characters of Offred and the Commander. By describing their daily lives, Atwood suggests that there are underlying problems in the Republic of Gilead relatio

The racism factor during sixties in the United States of America was huge. To the American people, the black people had only one purpose and that was as slaves. But we know now that the only difference between black and white people is color. The writing on this essay is black. Does that mean I am racist? Does this mean the color red is better than the color blue just because it looks different? That is for you to decide. In the Heat of the Night, takes place in the southern states in the si

Moby Dick Innocent or Evil? By Kevin Cook Can the lust for revenge, wealth, or power be so strong in a person that they become so enthralled by this lust that they become a madman? This question could not be more fully answered, nor better demonstrated by the behavior of the captain of the whaling ship, "The Peqoud", in Herman Melville's book, Moby Dick. Captain Ahab becomes so obsessed with killing the whale, Moby Dick, that he becomes utterly insane with tracking it down. The banefu

Reading Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World, is a chilling adventure through his prophetic dream of western democracies. Since its publication in 1932, it has been somewhat blotted out by 1984, George Orwell's dystopia about the future of Marxist despotism; however, in America at least, the present much more closely resembles what Huxley wrote about. Huxley sets his cautionary novel 600 years in the future, but experts agree that it is approaching years ahead of that estimate. Bra

As intended by the author, Mary Shelley, the novel Frankenstein falls under the category of fiction know as Gothic or Horror. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Gothic Novels are defined as: "Of or relating to a style of fiction that emphasizes the grotesque, mysterious, and desolate." Therefore, Shelley's work would fit this bill. Frankenstein is very much full of the horrible elements that make up mankind and his society. In addition to conforming to the load that many gothic

When one thinks of a hero, the image that generally comes to mind is a great warrior with shield and sword, or maybe a larger than life sports figure such as Michael Jordan. Moreover, when one thinks of a heroic journey, great epics such as The Odyssey and Beowulf come to the tip of the tongue, but how often is Tolkien's classic The Hobbit thought of as a heroic journey? In fact, many analyze the novel as a heroic journey. As defined by Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, a true heroic jour

In the novel 1984, the author George Orwell has created the ultimate "anti-utopia"; a world in which there were no personal rights, poor living conditions, and everything was controlled by hatred. Despite the feelings of horror the reader may feel toward the protagonists, Winston and Julia, they have to take a more in-depth look at the novel, its meaning and the author Orwell himself, to truly understand it. Orwell has created a satirical version of the society in which he wrote the

Childhood: How Cruel it is It is all around us, on television mostly. More often of not it will appear on a Talk show of ill repute. "I was abused as a child, therefore I am the way I am." It is popular to admit to childhood traumas and talk about them on a stage in front of strangers with millions of viewers watching from their living rooms; However, in literature it is less common. In particular authors rarely examine the childhood woes of little girls. In the book Cat's Eye, Marg

Huck's Morals and Changes In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character Huck Finn undergoes many moral changes. In the beginning of the book, Huck is wild and carefree, playing jokes and tricks on people and believing them all to be hilarious. When Huck's adventures grow to involve more people and new moral questions never before raised, you can tell that he has started to change. By the time the book is almost over, people can see a drastic change in Huck'

In "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," by Mark Twain, Huck considers himself to be an ignorant fool, and an over all bad person that should be looked down upon. However, through out his story, without ever realizing it, Huck manages to live through many incredible adventure, and commit selfless acts that would consider him to be a true hero. It could even be taken to the extent that Huck Finn lived a more down to earth version of Homer's "Odyssey." After all, they are both stories of a reliab

Tim Allen Timothy Allen Dick was born June 13, 1953 in Denver, Colorado to Gerald, a real estate salesman, and Martha, a homemaker. Tim was the third child born to this large family that later had six children. He was one of four brothers. "We're all Dicks. We're from a long line of Dicks." (Tim quoted by Martin, page 1.) He was teased constantly about his last name. He used humor to make himself feel better about it. Tim's mother was often frustrated from taking car

"Well-Made Play" Techniques in Ibsen's A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House is a classic example of a modern realistic play. But is it a "well-made play?" Eugene Scribe's idea of a "well-made play" was designed to present audiences with plots which are interesting and suspenseful and characters that are easy to understand. However, when the "well-made play" criteria is strictly observed, plays lose some of their appeal due to the structural repetition. A Doll's House combines som

1. The Plot In Broken Arrow, the main story turns around two stolen atomic bombs. Hale and his best friend Deakins are two pilots sent out to test a B-3 bomber plane on a nice afternoon. The plane had onboard two nuclear bombs. All of a sudden, the two friends get into an argument and then they start physically fighting. Deakins finishes by ejecting Hale out of plane who lands safely with his parachute to the ground. Now Deakins had a plan to set the atomic bombs off. All this happens while t

2. The story is about a man named Dave Elliot. As far as we know from the beginning of the book, he is a normal person like anyone else with an excellent physical condition. And before reading the whole book, you won't know about him anymore then what I just said. One day, as he goes to work, his own best friend tried to kill him. Dave escaped but unfortunately killed his best friend. He went to get help but he didn't get any. He tried to talk to his lawyer but his lawyer tried to kill him too.

1. Gardner, John. GoldenEye. USA, Glidrose Publications Ltd, 1995. 218 p. 2. This book is definitely a mystery novel. The mystery is that James Bond is looking for Janus and it is nearly the end of the book that we find out who Janus is. There's also a little bit of suspense in this book, but I couldn't say that it's a suspense novel because there's not enough suspense. After we find out who Janus is, there's suspense because James had to not only get rid of Janus but also stop a disaster t

1. Grey, Harriet. The Cable Guy. USA, St. Martin's Paperback's, 1996. 247 p. 2. I could say that this is a mystery and suspense novel. There is mystery because the main character tries to discover who his new friend really is. Also there is suspense at the end of the novel because his friend tries to steal his girlfriend. He thinks that he wants to kill her and that causes suspense. 3. I have read 247 pages. 4. This story is about a man named Steven. Steven moved in to his new apart

1. Pike, Christopher. Monster. New York, Archway Paperbacks, 1992. 229 p. 2. This book is both a mystery novel and a suspense novel. It is a mystery novel because Angela tries to find out the big mystery about the monsters while, at the same time, it is a suspense novel because of all the adventures that happen throughout the book. For example, there was suspense when Mary tried to kill Jim. 3. I have read 229 pages. 4. This story is about a girl named Angela. She was at a party when

Reading Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World, is a chilling adventure through his prophetic dream of western democracies. Since its publication in 1932, it has been somewhat blotted out by 1984, George Orwell's dystopia about the future of Marxist despotism; however, in America at least, the present much more closely resembles what Huxley wrote about. Huxley sets his cautionary novel 600 years in the future, but experts agree that it is approaching years ahead of that estimate. Bra

A Clockwork Orange: Settings of a Human Machine In the novel A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess suggests that a controlling government will cause a dark, turbulent, gloomy future using music, using violence, and using language. I. Burgess's use of music A. music as emotional heightener B. music to calm C. music to harm II. Burgess's use of violence A. use of rape B. use of fighting C. use of blood III. Burgess's use of language A. language as social identifier B. language as

Ray Bradbury's fantastic imagination resulted from his past as a young boy. Bradbury was an imaginative hard working boy who lived in a small town of Waukegan, Illinois. Virtually every early description of teen-age Bradbury by a personal acquaintance speaks of unfailing ability, puncture-proof good nature, constant buffoonery, and self-effacement (Moskowitz 357). He has written many intriguing tales of science-fiction including Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, and Something Wicked This

AP Outside Reading Assignment The Martian Chronicles By: Ray Bradbury Dan Smith October 22,1997 I. Setting A. Locations 1. Ohio, small town next to rocket launch sites 2. Mars, a large desert area with canals that harbors "dead cities" 3. Mars, town which has home of Yll and Ylla 4. Mars, landing site next to one of the canals 5. Martian insane asylum 6. Dreamlike little town which is the memories of the crew projected onto the landscape of Mars 7. Luggage shop 8. City surrounded by

Affirming Man's Dignity Only three million Jews lived through the World War II, and some of them were now the strongest men alive. Among these people, Elie Wiesel and Viktor Frankl were two victims, who now lived and passed their experiences of themselves being to several concentration camps and finally survived. They had similar perspectives on the issues of suffering, love, and memory. "Suffering... adds a deeper meaning to his life... The salvation of man... in love," Frankl said in "Man'

Jason Lam ENG OAO Mr. Wolk April 27, 1998 Death and Dying in A Prayer for Owen Meany The theme of death and dying in A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving is constant throughout the novel. Many events that prepare the characters for death occur through the death of Tabitha Wheelwright, through Owen's faith and religion, also through Owen's own death. In relation to the book and reality, there are events in life that people encounter that prepare themselves for death. In the nove

And Finally, Change In undertaking a journey, a person learns and changes. One may change emotionally, psychologically, as well as spiritually. The journeyer is scared at first, then usually goes through some pain and suffering. In the end, however, this journeyer comes out different then they were when they began, with some understanding. Stephan Kumalo, James Jarvis, and Absolom Kumalo undertake this very thing in Cry, the beloved Country, by Alan Paton. Stephan Kumalo, a priest f

The premise of this book is a man who loves to travel. Something always goes wrong, and he ends up on an island. On the first island he ends up finding a civilization of people 1/12 the size of normal humans. After he leaves that island, he ends up on three more masses of land that have a peculaiarity about the people. On Gulliver's next adventures, he meets extremly large people, primitive people, and people on a flying island. The character I most identified with was Gulliver. Gull

Honors English II 10th-7th period March 30, 1998 O. Henry led a life comprised of love, deception, losses, pain, and delight. He draws these aspects of his life into his talent of writing. One can find a description of O. Henry's life experiences in virtually all of his works. He describes his fears and longings, his triumphs and losses. One can consider a prime example of him incorporating his life into his art to be "The Last Leaf." O. Henry utilizes his trademark styles of a sacrifici

Through religion, philosophy, science, art, and mathematics, humans quest for an Absolute. They seek to find a "still point" where conflict cannot burgeon and principles may converge to an essential Truth. However, in Catch-22 Joseph Heller suggests the unsettling idea that Life holds no pervasive absolute because in actuality Life is the continual clash of absolutes. Through the main character Yossarian, one is able to understand how the individual creates a world applicable only to himself;

Breakfast Of Champions The satirical novel Breakfast Of Champions by best-selling author Kurt Vonnegut, deals with trying to find one's identity and what happens when someone does. Protagonist Dwayne Hoover was a Pontiac dealer on the brink of going insane. Antagonist Kilgore Troute was a science fiction writer who felt his life was over but he was mistaken. This tale revolves around the lives and meeting of these two men. Through the conflicts of person vs. person and person vs. self, Vo

Title: Breakfast Of Champions The satirical novel Breakfast Of Champions by best-selling author Kurt Vonnegut, deals with trying to find one's identity and what happens when someone does. Protagonist Dwayne Hoover was a Pontiac dealer on the brink of going insane. Antagonist Kilgore Troute was a science fiction writer who felt his life was over but he was mistaken. This tale revolves around the lives and meeting of these two men. Through the conflicts of person vs. person and person vs. s

Slaughter House - Five as an American Novel Slaughterhouse - Five by Kurt Vonnegut is clearly an American novel. Vonnegut wrote this novel in an attempt to show Americans how they make mistakes as humans, and to do this, he had to link them to the book somehow. He accomplished this by including different aspects of American life, such as the family, the material possessions of Americans, and items that are purely American. By doing this, Vonnegut ensures that the people reading the book

"Catch-22" What is this novel about? Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is an interesting novel in the fact that throughout the entire novel the plot seems to go nowhere. It just seems to be a bunch of events strung together through the main character Yossarian. These events, however powerful, don't seem to lead to much of a point, until the reader finishes. Then, out of nowhere, comes the meaning behind the book. Heller does a great job of ending the book. By having Yossarian run away the mean

Alfred Lord Tennyson is one of the most well known writers of the Victorian period. Critics of Tennyson's works have ascertained that everything he has written has a basis of several characteristics. These characteristics being: a recurrent motif of individual isolation and the use of voyage or odyssey, dramatic monologue, an effort of equilibrium between the public and private obligations of the poet, experimen- tation with form, the resolution of a war between the ancients and modern

Women make up a fair portion of the most wonderful people on earth. They are compassionate, intelligent, patient, careful, independent and focused, They are business executives, actors, artists, poets, scientists, wives and mothers. They are, perhaps, the most subtly oppressed and disillusioned group in society. THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE, by Betty Friedan, champions the cuase of the maladjusted, unsatisifed and all too common victim of "the problem that has no name"--the American housewife.