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Arabia Arabians are a semstic group of the caucasoid race. Little is know about them because they have been isolated until the sixteenth century when Europeans circumnavigated the globe and occupied Musscat and other points on the golf coast. The first mentions of Arabia were in Babylonian records, the Bible, and in south Arabian inscriptions. In the third millenium B.C., Egypt went to the Arabian holy city Mecca to trade spices, incense etc. Because of this, Arabia is k

Change of Interests: The Evolution of the Isrealite Leader Ever since the Lord first made his covenant with Abraham, Israel has always needed a leader. The Israelite society grows and changes and their interests as a group shift to allow the society to progress. Throughout the Old Testament the Isrealites' leaders reflect society in that they each represent what was needed in a leader at the time. Moses becomes the first real leader of the Isrealites during the period when they were

The beginning of this seemingly age-old battle began in 1917 when the Balfor Declaration was created. The Balfor Declaration promised that the Zionists would have a permanent home in Palestine. This document caused some commotion because; it conflicted with what other nations were planning to do with the area. Anglo-France planned to divide the near east between themselves and earlier, Britain encouraged the Arabs to fight for their independence of the Ottoman Empire, so the Balfor Declaration w

ROMAN GLADIATORS In most peoples opinion the Roman gladiator games were gruesome and would not be permitted in our society today. However the sport was ever so popular in Rome where it was considered the main sport and socail event. It was performed in a giant stadium were people all over Rome would come to see It took ten years and a lot of money, hard work and creativity to complete the Roman Colosseum, which was first called the Flavian Ampitheatre, where gladiator games took place. The

The article is basically about the death of King Hussein.He was the King of the Hashemite Kingdom for 47 years since he was 17 years old. His majesty was declared clinically dead on February 5TH 1999, after his return from the United States.He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which is a kind of cancer in 1992.He recently underwent six months of treatment for his disease at the Mayo Clinic in the United States.He went back to his homeland on January 19TH but he became really ill afterwards

The principal geographical feature of Jordan is an arid plateau that thrusts abruptly upward on the eastern shores of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, reaching a height of about 610 to 915 m (about 2000 to 3000 ft), then sloping gently downward toward the Syrian Desert in the extreme east of the country. The Jordan Valley is in the deep depression of the Rift Valley, which is about 213 m (about 700 ft) below sea level in the area of Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) and 395 m (1296 ft) below sea

The Iraq Crisis The recent military action against Iraq by the USA and Britain has plunged the world closer to large-scale war than we have been since 1945. The question is, why have the USA instigated such actions? In my opinion, and in the opinion of any rational person, these attacks have been unnecessary and have constituted an attempt by a ludicrously weak president to divert attention from his domestic struggles. In the last twelve months, Clinton has repeatedly used military actio

Imagine yourself back in time, 4500 years ago to a time of discovery and a time of development. Imagine being so loyal to the ruler of your land that you struggle to build great monuments, and later burial sites. Monuments and burial sites of such great design, size, and architectural precision that to attempt to replicate them today is completely unheard of, but does the great pharaoh Khufu, who later became revered as Re, the sun god, deserve anything less. Just as the Balinese built temples f

The Suez Canal The Suez Canal is an achievement that man has made and a great help through the entire world. This is one of many difficult tasks that man has done and completed. This was a big task and a big construction and was done many years ago. This canal only transported a little water and was not deep enough for ships or boats. The idea of liking the Mediterranean Sea and Red sea first occurred during the age of the pharaohs. The pharaoh dug the canal to link both sea

Armed Islamic Group, Groupe Islamic Armee, Armed Islamig Group, El-Djam's El-islamia El Mosalaha, or GIA mean the same thing for Algerians. They all strike fear within the hearts of Algerians in almost all walks of life. Their actions are described as having "no distinction given to who they kill. They kill women, children, babies in the most horrible way." However, the GIA justifies their actions by saying "it is clear that there are no indiscriminate killings. Our fighters only kill those

Many have asked what essetial ingredients formulate the Arabic Culture. Since this deals with such a large area, in both time and space, it is very much so as G.H von Wright writes, hard to limit it from earlier and contemporary civilizations. The question is if one is able to/should attempt to do so. Through history many different tribes have ruled Mesopotamia (which becomes a natural starting point concerning the Arabic culture since it was there the first "culture" evolved) and the borders

Anthony Baldino Mr. Crudele English IV December 10, 2000 Arabic Literature I. 1. Many would say that the Arabian culture has contributed the most to our culture in the areas of science and philosophy. 2. However they have also contributed much in the area of literature. 3. You can see there influences in the books before you. II. 1. Possibly the oldest form of Arabian literature are the qasida witch is a kind of lyrical poem that expresses a noble feeling. - These earl

Aquarius can be found in the SE sky in autumn, especially October. A dark night is especially helpful because many faint stars make up Aquarius. This will help to make the fainter stars stand out because its hard enough to see a shape in Aquarius. Up and to the west of aquarius, pegasus can be found. Down and to the east of aquarius, capricorn can be found. Aquarius portrays a man or boy spilling water from an urn. Aquarius is identified with Ganymede, a beautiful young shepherd who

Writing a self-reflective tirade is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to perform. The part of my life that I am going to make known to you, is a subject that I myself have been wondering about. I have found myself pondering this topic for an unusually long time; I decided to write about my culture-- the one thing about myself which I understand the least. This question which is so easy for others to answer often leads me into a series of complicated explanations, "I was born in the U.S.

Granada is a city in Spain that has 250-350, 000 people. Granada is a student city with a large amount of people coming from outside to study. In January there are lots of blue skies and it is warm when the sun is shining but it gets cold at night. There are occasional frosts. The best time to visit Granada is in the Spring and Autumn when the temperature is just perfect with warm sunny days. During July and August it can be very hot. Granada has a dry heat which is much more bearable

Arabic Calligraphy Arabic calligraphy is one of the greatest arts of the Arabs. Because Islam forbade the making and worshipping of idols, there was no scope for arts like sculpture to develop and, therefore, Muslims directed their talents towards arts such as literature, architecture, arabesque and calligraphy. Another main reason for the development of calligraphy was the need to make copies of the Quran, which was considered a most meritorious act. Like the names of poets and writ

* On earth we LIVED. Therefore, with that key word we have to look * at both positive, and negative to understand it entirely. Now after * doing so we have to accept the negative side of it, and say so did * the DEVIL. With the negative seeming to be more powerful than the * positive, we have to keep in mind that there can’t be one without * the other. It’s all a matter of ones acceptance, which will determine * what side is the more powerful of itself. * Now, we all

From my study of the Internet readings, it is my understanding that the Arabian culture is one based on respect. The rituals and habits formed in this culture are such that everyone is regarded morally and modestly. Some of the body gestures that stood out when reviewing the passages were those used in the Dewaniah (a gathering room in the Arabic home). Before you enter the house, you are expected to stand outside the door where you cannot see into the house and wait to be invited in.

Islam means, "surrender to god" and believers in Islam are called Muslims, or "those who surrender". They worship Allah, an Arabic term that means "the God" (al-El). The Islamic house of worship is a mosque. Unlike Jews and Christians, Muslims do not have a Sabbath, but many Muslims gather in mosques on Friday afternoon for prayers. Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of a series of holy prophets that included Abraham, Moses and Jesus. A prophet is a holy messenger. Christians believe

Muslim Arabs all along have absorbed cultures form different territories they took over like the Roman Empire and Persian Empire. It would be good to mention that this civilization achieved many goals during their existence mainly in the topics of mathematics and astronomy. All in all the empire lasted from about 750 to 1258 A.D. Let us go through their history. The Arabs had expanded in the seventh and eight centuries having as their center Damascus. A dynasty called Umayyad had estab

Islam is a religion that is still very much alive today. A man named Mohammed offered Arabs the religion of Islam. Mohammed was born in about 570 A.D. in Mecca. He became known for honesty and good business sense when he was a teenager. He married a woman by the name of Khadija who was a widow that ran her own business. He often meditated in a cave outside Mecca and rejected the many gods of the tribal religion. At the age of 40 he believed he saw the angel Gabriel. He said Gabriel or

Arabic music is my favorite musical styling. Although I have come to enjoy classical and contemporary styling as well, Arabic music has almost an innate quality of enjoyment for me. Its songs speak of the life and culture of Arabic countries and its melody is not commonly heard on American radio stations. Its songs tell the story of the Arabic people, people who are similar to Americans but also different in many ways. The songs are a romantic and wonderful inspiration to me while living a

Aristotle Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, educator, and scientist. He was one of the greatest and most influential thinkers in Western culture. He familiarized himself with the entire development of Greek thought preceding him. In his own writings, Aristotle considered, summarized, criticized, and further developed all the intellectual tradition that he had inherited from his teacher, Plato. Aristotle was the first philosopher to analyze the process whereby certain propositions can

There are no specific words to describe the beauty of Egyptian music. Although I have lived there all my life, I only took notice of the ingenuity around two years ago; when I started playing the guitar. Egypt is located in the heart of the Middle East. It has always been the doors from Africa to Asia and vice versa, therefore, a strategic point on the map. From this, Egypt has been under constant invasion throughout her millennia life, for both her strategic point and wealth. However, it also

According to the traditional account the Koran was revealed to Muhammad, usually by an angel, gradually over a period of years until his death in 632 C.E. It is not clear how much of the Koran had been written down by the time of Muhammad’s death, but it seems probable that there was no single manuscript in which the Prophet himself had collected all the revelations. Nonetheless, there are traditions which describe how the Prophet dictated this or that portion of the Koran to his

Leonardo da Pisa, or more commonly known as Fibonacci , was born in Pisa, Italy in 1175. He was the son of Guilielmo Bonacci, a secretary of the Republic of Pisa. His father was only a secretary, so he was often sent to do work in Pisan trading colonies. He did this for many years until 1192. In 1192, Bonacci got a permanent job as the director of the Pisan trading colony in Bugia, Algeria. Sometime after 1192, Bonacci brought Fibonacci with him to Bugia. Bonnaci expected Fibbonacci to b

Leonardo da Pisa, or more commonly known as Fibonacci , was born in Pisa, Italy in 1175. He was the son of Guilielmo Bonacci, a secretary of the Republic of Pisa. His father was only a secretary, so he was often sent to do work in Pisan trading colonies. He did this for many years until 1192. In 1192, Bonacci got a permanent job as the director of the Pisan trading colony in Bugia, Algeria. Sometime after 1192, Bonacci brought Fibonacci with him to Bugia. Bonnaci expected Fibbonacci

Members of religions have all acted to unify their society at some point in time. The Arabs in the Middle East tried to unify all the Arab states and three men tried to unify “warring states” of Japan. Those two religions acted to bring people together for a good cause. Buddhism and Shinto were the two most popular belief systems of Japan. Shinto was a religion that was about nature, the divinity of the emperor, and the sacredness of the Japanese nation. There were three m

Analysis Back before the 70 s oil from the Middle East was very cheep, and in North America, it was about $4 a barrel. But then, the leaders of the Middle East discovered that everyone needed their oil, so they formed OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Practically overnight, they jacked up the prices of oil by limiting the supply. This was the first oil crisis. It lasted for a while, but then they got greedy, and started supplying more oil, in hopes to make more money. Bu

Sign of Hope Date Source 1/2/00 Internet* East Timor: A newly born country. We all probably know about East Timor’s history. A colony of Portugal, and then captured by the strength of Indonesia in the mid-‘70’s, East Timor didn’t believe that their sign of hope would come true. But they were wrong. In the early parts of ’99, East Timor saw their opportunity of making their sign of hope come alive. Indonesia was in shreds, and under the power of Forme

Arab-Israeli Conflict The Chicago Tribune published an article by Ray Moseley entitled Arab-Israeli street battles claim more lives…, which examines the continuous struggle for peace in the Middle East. This article discusses how many Arabs are being killed at the hands of Israeli soldiers. These killings as horrible as they seem, are not uncalled for. Arabs have been known in the past to attack Israel when they are least expecting (the Six day war, and the Yom Kippur War of 1973).

The United States was just in sending military aid to Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War. Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein and taken over in six short hours due to the lack of strength in Kuwait s Army. Once Hussein took control he seized Kuwait City, airports, army barracks, and oil fields. This left Kuwait helpless and in desperate need. Therefore, the U.S. invaded after, Hussein s control of Kuwait for six months. The U.S invaded for many reasons; Hussein was a threat and currently is

The Arab world has been one of the most confusing areas known to the western world. Because of this confusion, the people of the Middle East have been made to suffer, not only at the hands of the west, but also by their own. Even though Arab and western world relations have been stabalizing, they are still long way off from achieving a lasting peace. The roots of all these problems go back to the settlement imposed on the Middle East in 1918-1922 (Field 26). Since before the start of World W

“God Dies By The Niles” After reading “God Dies By The Nile” by Nawal El Saadawi one can begin to realize how much different life in the Middle East is in comparison to areas such as China and India which we have studied. The term Middle East refers to South Western Asia and North Eastern Africa The Middle east has many very interesting features and aspects about it such as the way there economy is organized, the type of religion that they practice, the various geographical a

Throughout history religious groups have always claimed the Holy Land which ispresently know as Israel. There are two primary groups who think that they have right tothe land, the Arabs and the Israelis. There are three main claims of land in the disputebetween the Arabs and Israelis: historical, and political. However, it appears that theIsraelis undoubtedly have more claim to stake to the land than do the Arabs. The first right to the land that both countries make is the religious as

Since the United States is one of the last remaining super powersof the world, we have the obligation to maintain and support good relations with the smaller and weaker nations throughout the world. We should take full advantage of thisauthority in severaldifferent ways. First the U.S. must focus on investing and trading withthose nations whohave yet to become economic powers; second, we must implement a consistent foreign policy towards the Middle Eastern nations: third, the United S

The Need For Peace in the Middle East The quest for peace in the Middle East has been going on for decades. It all started in 1948 when Israel declared its independence and fought Arab nations to secure it. However, the Arabs were left unsatisfied while the Israelis wanted more control over land. In 1967, the ‘six-day war’ erupted, resulting with Israel seizing the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The war left the situation unchanged and the Arabs a

In the United States, many students are taught to believe that the media is very biased and intentionally discards “happy” news that originates from the Middle East and South Asia. Although the media is selective in its coverage of certain issues pertaining to foreign affairs, I do not believe that the media is currently attempting to portray the Middle East and South Asia as an undesirable region in the world. I have found that while reading Edward Said’s book Covering Is

Kuwait, seeking to avoid looking like a puppet of outside powers, did not call on the United States or other non-Arab powers for support. For their part, the U.S. and other Western governments generally expected that at worst Iraq would seize some border area to intimidate Kuwait, so they avoided being pulled into the dispute. Arab mediators convinced Iraq and Kuwait to negotiate their differences in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, on August 1, 1990, but that session resulted only in charges and

Kyle Moore 3/28/2K Social studies: A Current Events #5 Iraq Protests to UN Over U.S.-British Air Strikes This article was about the accused bombing of an Iraqi farm. Iraq is accusing the U.S. and Britain of bombing a small town near Lake Sawa 190 miles south of Baghdad, and injuring 8 civilians, on March 11th. The local paper said that the injured people 6 of which were civil servants and 2 farmers. The U.S. and Britain denied all of the accusations, and the U.S. and Britain said t

In analyzing the Persian Gulf Crisis originally between Iraq and Kuwait, one must first understand the factors that contributed to the conflict. In 1980, Iraq carried out a major air and land attack on Iran. For eight years, the Iran-Iraq War grew more intense, until the U.S. “accidentally” downed an Iranian plane, killing 290 passengers. Three factors contributed to this war: (1) territorial dispute, (2) religious disputes between Islamic moderates and fundamentalists, and

The attack of Iraqi military forces to a small Arab state called Kuwait on orders from president Saddam Hussein caused The US to interfere with the situation resulting in a war called The Gulf War of 1991 starting in January 16 ending in February 28. The military campaign against Iraq had two phase: The Air War and the Ground War . The aim of the air war was to destroy the stratecigally important places and the ground war was for reinforcement of the air war. There were a number of

The attack of Iraqi military forces to a small Arab state called Kuwait on orders from president Saddam Hussein caused The US to interfere with the situation resulting in a war called The Gulf War of 1991 starting in January 16 ending in February 28. The military campaign against Iraq had two phase: The Air War and the Ground War . The aim of the air war was to destroy the stratecigally important places and the ground war was for reinforcement of the air war. There were a number of reasons

Even though the countries of Iraq and the United States have much friction between each other it is very surprising how much the constitutions of both nations are alike. James Madison became the main writer of the United States Constitution, which was adopted in 1789 . The 13 states ratified the constitution, making it the basis of the Government of the United States. In 1990 the Iraqi government adopted their constitution. The Revolutionary Council wrote their constitution as the framework

The Gulf War The Persian Gulf war was launched on January 6, 1991, after international diplomatic efforts and sanctions had failed to force Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, which was ilegally invaded on August 2, 1990, by the january 15th deadline set by the united nations. The 31-nation military moved against Iraq, commanded by U.S. general H. Norman Schwarzkopf, included forces from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Britain, Syria, and France. Japan, Germany, and other

INTERNATIONAL LAW Military law; Gulf war History One of the main reasons why Iraq invaded Kuwait was to pay for its heavy post war debt burden amounting to $80 billion from the Iraq-Iran war. Initially Saddam Hussein was going to solve his problem by selling oil, but the end of the war eventually increased world oil productions and prices fell. The situation all got worse when Saddam Hussein demanded that both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia pay $13 billion or he would attack. Gulf war The

Iraqi OrganizationsThe Iraqi National Congress-An opposition group of various political organizations that oppose the "brutal regime" of Saddam Hussein. Its main focus is to get Hussein out of office and take control of Iraq. Established in 1992, it represents the basic pluralistic nature of Iraqi society. They have many contacts on the inside and will most likely take over when Saddam is removed from office.Worker-Communist Party of Iraq-Essentially, they believe that Communism should

Sanctions on Iraq The sanctions that have been placed on Iraq by the United States 10 years ago are now being the cause of the death of thousands of children because of inadequate medicine, food and water. The united states have been asked by the united nations and many other countries to remove these sanctions over the Iraqi people so they can go back to living their normal healthy lives and the states has repeatedly refused this move. The whole reason for these sanctions is when Saddam Hus

Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein, an Iraqi political leader, was born to a poor Arab family on April 28, 1937. Hussein studied law in Egypt after his attempt to assassinate the premier of Iraq, Abdul Karim Kassem, in 1959. In the summer of 1968, the Baath party returned to power and named Hussein as deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. Hussein has been described by many as the most powerful person in Iraq because of his intimidation of enemies, careful control of his poli

American History Essay Desert Storm In 1979 Saddam Hussien took control of Iraq, and immediately set the tone for his rule by killing 21 of his cabinet members. He wanted to make his country whole once again so in 1990 he invaded Kuwait and in less than 4 hours he had taken Kuwait and controlled 24% of the worlds oil supplies. It seemed like his next attack would be on Saudi Arabia. This was where the United States entered the war after a call for protection by Saudi Arabia. The United State