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The Gap Inc. When I first thought bout what company I would like to research, I look down and fixed the collar on my shirt. Then it dawned on me that since I love fashion, I could do it on the gap. Who had the power (and the clothes) to make the NYSE take its first casual Friday? The Gap -- the ubiquitous clothing retailer that runs over 3,300 stores, mostly in the US, but also in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK. Its flagship Gap stores offer a wide variety of men's and

URBAN YOUTH CLOTHING People always wonder why urban youth dress the way they do. The baggy clothes, the bright clothes, and the expensive name brands, the hundred dollar boots, sneakers and symbols. Maybe it is the financial status or the urban areas, or could it be the influence that Hip Hop artists perceive to the youth that listen to their music. When baggy clothing first started, it was not a fashion trend. It was a way of knowing who just came out of jail. In jail the inmates receive

Trendy High Heels Have you ever seen something and your first reaction was to buy it regardless how much it cost? I know I have. My friend buys a pair of sneakers for one hundred fifty dollars every two to three months. My sister buys uncomfortable shoes for fifty dollars just because they look sexy. There are many people in our society that go out and purchase themselves shoes for many different reasons. But the number one reason is to look good in them while making a fashion statem

“Wow, Mrs. Nettie that’s a great dress you’re wearing today,” said Merilee as she walked through the cafeteria towards the rest room. Not ten minuets later Sarah walked past the office wearing a dress almost identical to Mrs. Netties, only to be stopped by the principal Mr. Meth. Sarah was forced to change, because her dress was not following the school dress policy, Mrs. Nettie did not have to change. This story illustrates just one of Nicholas County High Schools dres

Abstract Expressionism Since the World War II the paintings' movement had gathered considerable momentum. The political realities of the time- from 1943 to early 1950s- the War, the Holocaust in Europe, the apparent threat of the world destruction by atomic bomb, the conservative reaction of McCarthyism in United States and even intensified hurly burly of city life-resulted in a movement called Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionism combined two tendencies already evident in th

Elizabethan Fashion The Elizabethan Era was a time that reflect the mood and values of the 16th century though the use of fashion. It was a period in which a lot of originality and creativity was evident was used to create new styles of dress (Black & Garland 16). The Fashion in Elizabethan England at this time reflected the values and Ideals of the era. It was an Era that based everything on the Great Chain Of Being; which was a concept that everyone had a position in the socia

Elizabethan Fashion In the earlier parts of the sixteenth century, everything was changing in England. Everything from their queens right down to fashion. The fifteenth century was a time if simple styles, anything that would create a simple silhouette of a woman. Now things were evolving into the shapely and extravagant styles we call Elizabethan fashion. There are some very small yet important items that must be worn to have a proper Elizabethan outfit. Everything was equally

College Campuses I have been to many college campuses and seen how they are set up. They all are organized in the same fashion with the exception of few. College campuses are divided into different buildings, and the buildings are classified by the subject matter covered in each building. Stephen F. Austin State University is set up this way and its campus is an example of these facts. Each campus has at least one administration building if not more. The administration building usually h

Gabrielle Chanel, orphaned at an early age, was raised by nuns. Gabrielle wanted to be a singer. She debuted in a concert cafe. Each of the two songs Gabrielle sang contained the word Coco. The name, which was given to her by the audience, stuck for more than eighty years. Her singing career, however, did not. Coco's voice was limited and work did not come easily. After her short attempt at a singing career, Coco Chanel quit performing to begin work as a hat maker. Coco Chanel went from desig

I recently attended the play, Brigadoon by loewe and lerner, at my local college theater. Through all of the plays mystical events and songs, I noticed some very important details. I chose to compare the ideas in the play to some specific ideas held by a group of people in Italy. The mounted their ideas together to form a period in our history called the Renaissance. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about my comparison. A play acts as its own time peri

The time period of the 18th century was a time of change. Changes were being made from geographical moves to fashion. Those from England were moving to the New World to break away from anarchy. There was the French Enlightment, the Enlightment is when certain thinkers and writers, primarily in London and Paris, believed that they were more enlightened than their compatriots and set out to enlighten them. The fashion style of the 18th century was a reflection of the morals of the time. M

Daniel Keyes was born in Brooklyn in 1927. Once an editor, he married a fashion photographer and had 2 daughters. Keyes was once an English teacher at Midwood High School for 6 years after getting his Bachelors and Masters Degree at Brooklyn College. He was also the junior commissioner for Wayne State University in Michigan. Keyes won the Hugo award in Science Fiction for his short story, Flowers for Algernon. After winning that, Flowers for Algernon was bought and made into a made

In our schools today, there are problems that take the focus off education and make it more difficult for a student to learn. These problems include ridicule and discrimination, violence, expense, distractions, fashion extremes, and the formation of cliques. School uniforms can eliminate the problems that arise and distract students from the main focus of school, their education. School uniforms put an end to the "grueling, expensive, and sometimes violent competition to keep up with

Different hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. In the past four decades hairstyles have changed dramatically. Hair has gone from classy to simple to wild and now to chic. Hair styles are a way to express yourself without words. From the ‘60s to 2001 hair has made big changes and it is going to keep changing as long as there are stars in the world. People want to be as beautiful as all of the stars. Stars play a big role on styles that come out. Hair styles play a

BODY IMAGE IN THE MEDIA How does the media influence our body image? In what forms, does the media influence our perceptions about our body? These were the two questions that I asked myself in order to do the research paper and the panel discussion. In my opinion, I would agree that the media does influence and promote women and men to believe that the culture's standards for body image are ideal. Hence, the phrases, "thin is in" and "the perfect body" are two examples of "eye-catchi

Kat* February 27, 2001 History of Fashion: Social, Economic, & Political Influences Through the 1960’s and 1970’s The Swinging/Space-Age Sixties The sixties were a time of growing youth culture and youth fashions, which had already begun in the late fifties. In the west, young people were benefiting from the postwar industrial boom, and had no problem finding work. With extra cash in their pockets, they were able to spend more and had begun to refashion themselves accor

2006 Have you ever imaged your life after 10 years? I think many people have these kinds of dreams. Some people try to make their imagination come true by writing books or making films. Therefore, there are a lot of books and movies about the future on the markets. It might affect our dream about the future and I am the one to be affected very much. In myopinion computers will control every thing in

In Paul Marshall’s book, Heaven is not my Home, various subjects pertaining to the relevant issues of Christian life are broadly discussed. In one section, Marshall writes briefly about the area of imagination and the arts. The rough framework for his discussion of this topic is that of biblical creation, fall, and redemption. Due to the author’s lack of expertise in the area of professional and fine art, Marshall chose to discuss art forms that are closer to daily life, inc

The 1920s in America were times of great change. Coming out of the horror of the First World War, society exploded in a million different directions. The Twenties saw women voting, the Harlem Renaissance, and an incredible burst of affluence for the middle class. With automobiles and appliances made people's lives easier and gave them more leisure time. The incredible, rapid change that struck the country is clearly illustrated by women's fashions of the decade. Woman in the 19

How Has Film Influenced Lifestyles and Human Behavior in the 20th Century? During the 20th century, film has been a powerful media in which to influence people's lifestyles and human behavior. Film is for people who do not enjoy reading or other more stimulating leisure and want to be entertained or escape from everyday life. Movies gave society a great way to see vintage fashion, including how to wear period accessories that accompany the clothing. Movies also gave society a view of actor

English 265 – Modern Poetry Poet: Lewis Carroll Term Paper Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born on the 27th of January in the year of 1832 and died on the 14th of that same month in 1898. His pseudonym, Lewis Carroll, was born on March 1st, 1856 and was destined to live forever. Most poets live out of sync with the era they exist in, but Caroll lived a particularly bizarre lifestyle. He was a mathematician as well as a poetic scholar. It is rare for someone to excel at either one

In recent years, the topic of uniforms in public schools has ensued discussion nationwide. Some people, many of whom are students, feel that they should be able to wear what they want. They feel that uniforms invade upon their freedom of expression. Others, however, feel that a school needs to be an institution for learning and not a fashion show. They claim that without a structured dress code, some students will cause a distraction, thus hindering the learning process and undermining the s

Franz Boas on Fashion Deviation Franz Boas believes that, “any action that differs from those performed by us habitually strikes us immediately as ridiculous or objectionable (Jacobus, 606).” This is true, particularly when it comes to deviations from the implied dress code of society. Boas uses examples such as: formal dress worn in casual places, and “out of style” clothes from past centuries worn today. When we see this, we automatically think the person wearing these thin

The Use of Death in Poetry Poems reveal many inside thoughts of the speaker that can be interpreted by the reader. Death is expressed quite often in poetic work because of the simplicity to be able to express feelings. Suicide, for an example, is a form of death that may be used in poetry and is usually portrayed in a negative fashion. Surprisingly, some poems that involve death have a positive outcome. There are views found in poetry relating to suicide as a form of death that are bot

Discuss the Problems Facing the Specialist Music Press and Suggest how the Format could develop in the Future The Specialist Music Press was first started to provide a variety of information relevant to different areas of the music industry to young people who had developed a particular interest in music. Before this point there was nowhere for music lovers to read about their favourite artists and information could only be found on the radio. The Specialist Music Press grew in popularity as

BEAUTY has always preoccupied women. But over the past two centuries, as women have gained more rights, the association of self-worth and appearance has intensified. "There has been this enormous change from girls being principally concerned with good works to now being concerned with good looks as a measure of their self-worth," says Joan Jacobs Brumberg, author of "The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls" and "Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia Nervosa.

Last night as you sat warped in front of 'Jenny Jones' a classic case of conformity played right before your eyes and chances are you didn't even realize it. A young teenager struts across the floor, wearing a basic Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, and boot cut Tommy jeans. She spends a few moments whining over the way her friend dresses, baggy jeans and t-shirts with way too much makeup. Next, her friend, who has an artistically unique look, enters through the backdoors. She desperately defends

Has our nation been deceived by the media? Has the media sent forth an era that it is all right to define what was considered “old fashion values?” Values are defined by the Webster’s Dictionary as, beliefs or ideas. Violence on TV affects how children view themselves, their world,and other people. In fact, experts warn that viewing violence can have lifelong harmful effects on children’s health. By the time children complete school, the average child will witness more tha

"TV Made Me Do It!" Has our nation been deceived by the media? Has the media sent forth an era that it is all right to define what was considered "old fashion values?" Values are defined by the Webster's Dictionary as, beliefs or ideas. Violence on TV affects how children view themselves, their world,and other people. In fact, experts warn that viewing violence can have lifelong harmful effects on children's health. By the time children complete school, the average child will witness

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Society's apparel obsession has caused great distress for students in today's society. Peer pressure, financial strain, and fears of not fitting in are just some of the aspects that play into the overall success a child has in school. In a world that touts freedom of expression the real freedom to learn may be found in the conformity of school uniforms. The daily fashion fight starts bright and early every morning for students all across America. Imagine a typical morning that begins

The Renaissance in Spain When the new colonies were formed in the New World, it brought a great deal of wealth and prosperity to Spain. The immense resources in North and South America were being exploited; this trade was controlled from the Iberian Peninsula. Charles of Spain, later became Emperor Charles, took over an empire including Africa, America, and Asia. “He set up a colonial administration in the New World and his son Philip II developed into a comprehensive system” (Do

As I walk through the Paradiso arch everyday on my way in to school only to notice the students that attend my school. Everyday I realize that our school is divided into many different cliques in other words groups. From the 1,800 students that attend our school many are involved in a variety of activities that our school has to offer but when everything comes down to the nitty-gritty of things people tend to form groups. As I walk around our campus I tend to notice that there are about thre

The History of Barbie Doll The idea of Barbie all started in 1959 when Ruth Handler, Barbie s creator, noticed her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls and imagining them in grown up roles such as college students, cheerleaders, and adults with careers. Ruth realized that dolls on the market at that time were all baby dolls, and that there was a need for a doll that would inspire little girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Thus the idea for the Barbie doll, t

The Miller s Tale This is a true tale of me and my life, or at least for a short while. The day had started out so well, you see I had become somewhat of a owner of women. I was interested in this becomes because of the free jobs that came with it. You see because of my gorgeous looks the women had trouble seeing past it to the real man in my pants, I mean in me. So why not just become an owner of women to sell to others for nightly jobs and such and reap the benefits of it all. So like

The Marciano brothers were the founders of Guess Incorporated. They grew up in the South of France, a region which created a passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style. The Marcianos combined their European sensibilities with a love fof classic American tradion and created Guess? Inc. During the 1970’s fashion had no direction, it was a time when people did not like to wear denim, they thought it was outdated and they thought of jeans as a fashion sta

A paperclip, a lawn chair, a jelly-doughnut. These three objects may not seem as profound or enlightening as the three which Thomas Wolfe used to described himself, but they provide wonderful insight into who I am, how I think, and what I am like. The paperclip is a very simple object. It is very versatile and quite malleable, but remains small and nondescript. It accomplishes a specific task with absolute perfection, but does so without attracting the glamour of, maybe, the stapler o

CASUAL DRESS DAYS INTRODUCTION Many businesses have begun using a casual dress policy on certain days. Implementing dress-down days may be an effective way to boost employee morale. The question that seems to pop up too often is whether dress-down days are a benefit or burden to the company. Many companies have adopted Friday as a casual or dress-down day, while others have made casual business attire a full-time policy. Some employees view wearing casual business clothing as an emplo

Donna KaranDKNY Donna Karan International was originally founded by Donna Karan in 1988. Her father was a haberdasher, her mother a showroom model. Born in New York city in 1948. She designed her first collection as early as high school to go on to fulfill her dreams in further education in design school. A former student at the Parson s School of Design, she serves on their board. Karan began her career at Ann Klein in 1971 as assistant from 1968-1974. Taking over as su

Discussion Hairdressing has always been a passion for Canadians, and me. Everyday people are getting their hair done, changing their color or style and to do this hairdressers will be there to inform, perform and advise the customer about their hair. Hairdressing is the art of cutting, setting, arranging, and otherwise caring for the hair. Women and men style their hair to improve their appearance and for comfort. A different hairstyle can alter a person's appearance more than almos

Long before the catwalk, Vogue, or \"Fashion Week\", clothing was used as a functional way to cover your body. As time took its course, clothing has been the basis for a multi-billion dollar fashion industry, weaving its way from nobility to common everyday people. Of more importance, fashion traditionally serves as a mirror of evolving societies. Spain\'s culturally rich, extremely diverse society is an example of such fashion. This paper will offer an overview of the internal and external

Introduction: With its evolution of the Chinese economy from the generation old culture based on the revered virtues of hard work and plain living to a dynamic community pacing up to the global growth in terms of fashion, technology and sophistication; China is now emerging as a major consumer of luxury goods. GoldMan Sachs, one of the leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firms, estimated the sales of luxury products in China to grow at the rate of 20% betwee