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For over four centuries, ships travelling between the Atlantic and the Pacific had to sail all the way to the tip of South America where the Strait of Magellan provided passage between the two oceans. This changed on August 15, 1914 when the United States officially opened the Panama Canal. Located in the Isthmus of Panama, a narrow strip of land connecting North America and South America, Panama Canal has for over a hundred years served as the link between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Despi

Over the past few decades, there has been much debate and discussion concerning the impacts of the greenhouse effect and climate change on the planet. But while there is consensus among the scientific community that these can result in crises for society and the environment at large, just exactly what these crises are remains a question for many. In other words, people know that climate change due to the greenhouse effect spells disaster, but what specifically these disasters are is often unc