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It is three o'clock in the afternoon. A cool wind blows across the frozen plain. It was a typical March afternoon on the Siberian plain, somewhere deep in the Russian wilderness. The flaura and fauna that inhabit this environment are the product of hundreds of millions of years evolution, the time it takes to virtually perfect a species. They continue to go about their game of preditor and pray, unaware of the petty political struggles that are going on thousands of kilometers away. Th

Pollution has been a threat to the world for a long time. Many people think about it, but don't know what they can do about it. It is affecting many things and must be reduced. Is there anything you can do? As the population of the world increases, so does the pollution. Many forms of transportation are used worldwide today. As long as these transports run on fuel, they will always emit pollution. The exhaust from cars, planes, and boats have become one of the major polluters of the

Intoxication isn't necessarily a negative thing, but rather a pleasant as well as popular state of being. An intoxicated person can be a "good drunk" or a "bad drunk". If the drinker consumes the right amount of alcohol he/she will have no unpleasant after-affects. When intoxicated, a person can be a very social and pleasant person, and it also decreases one's shyness towards the opposite sex. Beer and other intoxicating beverages are a good thing if used in moderation. When intoxicated, a pers

What Can I Do to End Violence, Racism, and Sexism in My School Violence, racism, and sexism, some of the most used things in the school. These things should be stopped, and a group of people in a high school from New Jersey decided they had enough. This program none as E.R.A.S.E was started to abolish violence, racism, and sexism in schools. In 1992 these dedicated group of people set out to end these things. This program was then branched out to local, state, and now country wide

Children and TV Children and adolesence's spend almost 22-28 hours per week watching television. This is a sad fact because this is the largest amount of hours spent on any activity in your child's life, aside from sleeping. Television has a large influence on children's attitudes, ideas, and behaviours. Teens witness 10,000 murders, rapes and aggravated assaults per year on TV, and four out of five Americans believe that violence on television directly contributes to the

Do you know what basketball is? Do you know what the NBA is? Do you know who the Chicago Bulls are? If your answer is yes, I'm sure you are a big fan of the NBA League, like me. There are a lot of super stars in the league, such as Scottie Pippen from the Houston Rockets, Gary Payton from the Seattle Supersonics, Dennis Rodman from the L.A Lakers, etc. Although there are a lot of talented players, compared to Michael Jordan, none of them are as famous as him. Michael Jordan, who took the

Virginia Woolf - Friendships With Women Virginia Woolf was sexually abused as a child. While the extent and duration of this abuse is difficult to establish, it is known that two of her older stepbrothers sexually harassed and abused her between the ages of twelve and twenty-one and perhaps as early as six. It is most likely because of the sexual abuse that she would develop very close and intense relationships with women throughout her adult life while unable to have a successful relations

cut this out->(This paper got a 95% in a 12th grade english class. It is about how the characters in the novel tkaeon animal characteristics, etc.) When Ursula says, "If we go on like this we'll be devoured by animals" (Marquez 309), it's as if she's looking into the future of the Buendia family. The future of the family, however, is not just to be devoured by the conventional animal, but also by other things taking the form of an animal. It rains for four years, eleven months and two days

In front of the cold eyes of hundreds of people every day, he would stand on the street in his ragged clothes and brown paper sandals and breath plumes of fire into the sky like a factory belching smoke. The people would stare in amazement as he did this over and over; he seemed to have an endless supply of the bright energy inside of himself. He glanced down at his watch every day right around three-thirty in the afternoon and packed his mat into his bag and set off for the bank, because it w

Religion vs. Science Since the beginning of time there have been many explanations for situations that seem out of human control. In recent history, religious and scientific ideas have often contrary one another. Religious ideas are presented first and then scientific evidence comes together to challenge religious beliefs. These discoveries of science are met with disbelief and most are considered false. From the Middle Ages and to around the 18th century, religious ideas were the

My book Mickey Mantle, Mickey Hersiswiki, was not a good book. The book was boring, nonfictional, and full of facts. I think that facts don't belong in books, with some exceptions. This book never introduced the characters, it just said names and expected the reader to know them. This book lacked conflict, humor, and an action scene. I gave this book a three because it stunk, all it was was a waste of time. I gave it a 0.001 for plot, 0.01 for action, a humility factor of 0, and for charac

Hip-Hop Getting a Bad Rap Among many problems in society today, rap music is being blamed for the confusion of America's youths. One key problem is the way a child is raised. Not having a positive role model can have a powerful effect on a child. The other dilemma is the type of rap music. Gangster rapper's lyrics seem to corrupt and have a negative image on a youth's mind. Two possible steps to taking the blame away from rap music is by placing the spotlight on other influences such as f

"We all want to go to war, We all want to go to war, Coz we are going to even the score. Coz we are going to even the score. Sound off, One, two. I can't here you, Three, Four. Sound off one two, three four..." My mind drifted off as they continued singing. I was starring out into the forest-like scenery, watching the rain drops falling onto the trees and rolling off all the leaves. It was the same every morning; the alarms would sound at four in the morning,

A Medieval Night... In Arabia. By Wade Cleland It's a good story, isn't it...(or BOOM!) (Inside Joke) Steven of Kingsley walked along the dark Jerusalem street. It is the Second Crusade into the Holy Land and the Christians have taken the holy city. Steven is the youngest of three brothers and is also the least intelligent, so naturally he is in command of a large number of troops

In Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights, the story is confined to two manors; Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Though Wuthering Heights is not far from Thrushcross Grange, they differ greatly. They represent the conflict between chaos and serenity. The occupants of Wuthering Heights are in constant turmoil, while the tenants who reside at Thrushcross Grange enjoy a peaceful life of luxury. Bronte makes a magnificent use of characterization by names. Even the properties are charact

Symbolism of The Scarlet Letter A symbol is a literary device which is employed to portray another object or individual. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, it is most often a tangible object he uses to represent an undefined idea, complex in scope and significance. More times than not, it represents reverent, profound, or virtuous concepts of merit. From the substitution of one idea or object for another, to creations as massive, complex, and perplexing as the veil in the "Minist

No other American is remembered quite the same as Benedict Arnold. He was a brave soldier, a patriot- and a traitor. Benedict was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, 1741. When he was 14 years old, Benedict ran away from home to fight in the French and Indian War, but he was brought back by his mother, who apparently was driven insane later in her life. If I had a son like Benedict, I might have gone insane too! After his mother insisted that he return home, he ra

Ben Franklin: Early Life In his many careers as a printer, moralist, essayist, civic leader, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, and philosopher, for later generations of Americans he became both a spokesman and a model for the national character. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on Jan. 17, 1706, into a religious Puritan household. His father, Josiah, was a candlemaker and a skillful mechanic. His mother, Abiah Ben’s parents raised thirteen children--the survivors of Jo

When it rains, it pours. Or in the case of the doctor in Franz Kafka�s short story, when a snowstorm comes, it comes in full flurry. From start to finish, the doctor encountered numerous challenges on his way to visiting a sick patient. The first of these obstacles involved the loss of his trusted horse, which died the night before. No doubt the doctor needed to reach his destination in a hurry. After all, a sick man was in need of his urgent attention. However, the ten-mile journey would b