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Taxation means compulsory payment to the government where in return no benefit is derived to an individual. Basically, it is used to regulate the economy. Tax is actually raising money for the purposes of government by means of contributions from individual persons. There are 2 types of tax which are direct taxes and indirect taxes. Direct taxes are tax paid directly to the government such as income tax, real property gains tax, stamp duty, petroleum income tax and also offshore business activit

Introduction Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan is amongst one of the most organized and scientifically managed industry of Pakistan. Comprising of over 250 manufacturers, 40000 registered chemists, 6000 wholesalers and distributors and around 1500 importers. The sales turnover was $718.00 million in 1997. Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies (M N P C) are 23 in number and still enjoys 60 per cent market share. Pakistan has attained 80% self-sufficiency in its requirement of pharmaceutical

Economics: According to Lord Robins, “Economics is the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.” Economics is subdivided into microeconomics (study of individual markets) and macroeconomics (study of the entire economy). Understanding how an economy works is a daunting task. Despite that, the economy is further subdivided into several complex sub-units which may comprise whole systems, one of which is the Soci

Outline � Significance of a Stock Market � What is the Stock Market? � What is a Specialist and how to become one? � The best time to buy a Stock Summary At the stock exchange, offers to sell and purchase are not collected up and then confronted simultaneously at some particular moment of the market day. There seems little doubt that, within limits, the price of a stock is adjudicated by the specialist, and that so long as his decision is not wildly unreasonable, pri

Summary The article is about the current price rise of crude oil to $100 per barrel and it forecasts the price of the oil using key determinants. The article discusses the law of supply and states the existing scenario of oil prices is an exception to the case. Then the article explains the transition of oil prices from Buyers market to Sellers market. Then the basis of pricing in each market is discussed. The demand-supply gap is then discussed. In a sellers market, pricing of oil is done th

The debt consolidation loans are generally categorized as credit repair loans. An individual can find many creditors who lend money without qualifying any definite criteria. A person who may have very low credit scores or might have faced bankruptcy recently can also ask for a loan from such a lender. The hazards behind such a deal is that lenders impose large rate of interest on buyers based on the excuse that they are taking a larger risk by lending them money. In such cases the consolidation

Introduction Among the many challenges that the USA (United States of America) faces, energy security would surely rank as one of the most pressing and urgent challenge that the nation is currently grappling with. The economic rise of China has meant that it has greater leeway among the oil producing nations of the world in securing energy supplies for itself. In a race between the USA and China for ever dwindling sources of energy supply, both the countries are busy re-working and fine tuning

Introduction: Money is omnipresent. Modern society cannot run without it. We cannot think of a society today which can do away with money. Money has changed its form with timekeeping in tune with the different stages of development of the society. Money performs a number of functions and its importance lies in the fact that it acts as a medium of exchange, as a unit of account, as a standard of deferred payments and as a store of value. �Money has been a source of fascination to pr