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I. Historical, Population, Culture, Political, and Economic Information History Mexico was the site of some of the earliest and most advanced civilizations in the western hemisphere. The Mayan culture, according to archaeological research, attained its greatest development about the 6th century AD. Another group, the Toltec, established an empire in the Valley of Mexico and developed a great civilization still evidenced by the ruins of magnificent buildings and monuments. T

By now everyone is familiar with the case U.S. vs. Microsoft. What is all this about? According to my two articles, Microsoft, the world's leading software company, is being sued by the Justice Department joined by 19 states. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system. Almost every computer in schools, libraries, offices, and home is equipped with either Windows 3.X, Windows 95, or 98. As far as browsing the web, there are three major br

Monopolies are under constant critics from the public and other producers of being polutive, straining to competition and they are accused of worsening resource allocation. Whether this is true or not, depends on the specific company, but certain characteristics are possible to define. It is these I will describe in the following, and hence conclude if monopolies worsen or improve resource allocation. It is important to distinguish between competition and monopoly before describ

In the United States economy most markets can be classified into four different markets structures. But, each and every market in the United States is completely unique from the others. Generally the best type of market structure for the general public is per-fect competition because it creates the lowest possible price for the public. There are some exceptions were perfect competition isn't the best choice for the public on account of various reasons. The United States Postal Servic

There has been much debate and controversy recently concerning Nike's Asian labour practices. This is a very complex issue and one that is a long way from being solved. It is very difficult to determine which side of this argument to defend, as both sides acknowledge the facts, yet put a completely different spin on them. Do you believe Nike's critics who say they're exploiting workers? Or, do you believe Nike when they say that they are giving workers in these countries wonderful op

In the United States economy most markets can be classified into four different markets structures. But, each and every market in the United States is completely unique from the others. Generally the best type of market structure for the general public is per-fect competition because it creates the lowest possible price for the public. There are some exceptions were perfect competition isn't the best choice for the public on account of various reasons. The Unite

Soloman believes that as the game theory gets more sophisticated, we tend to lose sight of the problem rather than solve it. He sees the problem as how to get people to think about business and about themselves in an Aristotelian rather than a neo-Hobbesian (or even a Rawlsian) way, which the game theoretical models simply presuppose. Soloman discusses seven presuppositions in the first section of his "Ethics & Excellence" book. They are: rationality and prudence; motivation a

"Reasons and Consequences of the Fall of the Dollar" The value of the US Dollar has since the beginning of March this year fallen drastically. Economists and investors worldwide have tried to explain the cause of this all-time low of the American currency. The consequences of the fall are many and complicated. I will in the following outline the main reasons of the fall, and also try to state a few of the consequences. The first, most obvious reason for the fall, is Bill Cl

SINGAPORE - A Survey of its Economic Institutions Since its inception, the Republic of Singapore has combined the fastest growth with the lowest inflation of any industrial economy. This feat was accomplished with a strict set of economic goals including a conservative monetary and fiscal policy, free trade, and a commitment to stable prices (Wood, 25). This evaluation of Singapore's economy will look at the history and forces behind their success. Background Sir Stam

Smirnoff advertising and how it may have been influenced by the Surrealist art movement Introduction My study will to look at the ways in which Smirnoff Vodka has been advertised. I will investigate the advertising agencies that have been involved with producing the advertising campaigns and the processes, techniques, influences and other elements that have contributed to the creation of the adverts in various media forms. The investigation will focus on the current "Pure Sm

Introduction This module describes 'what is strategy' and 'what kind of strategic challenges can be faced by the organisation in the next century' by the impact of globalisation. The module of 'Strategic Challenges' consisted of 10 weeks time. During these sessions, I will be able to understand the strategy and its positive implementation and how to plan a strategic plan. The different seminar and presentations helped me in the development of personality. It also gave me directi

As widespread drug use is on the rise, many employers have begun to worry about the performance of their employees. Absenteeism, injuries, loss of productivity, employee morale, theft and fatalities are just some of the causes of drug use in the workplace. The idea of drug testing among workers has developed from society's concern over a perceived increase in the use of drugs and the relation between drug use and impairment, with resultant risks to the worker, fellow workers and the

As late as 1996, a total of 1406 firms comprised the furniture industry at a value of over 5.6 billion dollars. Household furniture warehouse sales totalled 2.1 billion dollars in 1997, and is expected to increase at 1 percent annually into the next century. This figure, however, is lower than the overall goods increase, which is expected to be 1.5 percent annualy, and also much lower than the 3 percent annual increase which is expected in the U.S. household furniture market

In a just society, the ruling authority must decide what is right when allocating wealth to its individual citizens. The same ruling authority does this by intervening with the inner workings of a marketplace to uphold its fundamental values and ideals. The aim of government intervention is to create a just society that will reflect the people's values. Governing bodies do this by establishing laws that enforce fairness or "˜equity'. The Ontario government passed the Rent Control Ac

Ghana is an African country located on the western side of Africa. Its neighbors are Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and Cote D'Ivoire to the west. It has a population of 18,100, 703 and a population density of 197 people per square mile. Ghana is 92,098 square miles and English is its official language. The capital city of Accra has around 1, 673,000 people residing in it. There are the physical statistics, now onto the more interesting

Per Capita Income: Since I am the first person reporting, I would like to explain what per capita income means. The per capita income of a certain country is the GDP of that country divided by the total population. In the Phillipines the per capita income is approximately $700. When compared to the per capita income of the United States, which is about $22,000, it is easy to tell that the economy of the Phillipines is ver poor. GDP: Growth: 5.7% GDP= 82.8 % FROM AGRICUL

Dave Pettit of The Wall Street Journal writes a daily column that appears inside the first page of the journal's Money & Investment section. If the headlines of Mr. Pettit's daily column are any accurate record of economic concerns and current issues in the business world, the late weeks of March and the early weeks of April in 1994 were intensely concerned with interest rates. To quote, "Industrials Edge Up 4.32 Points Amid Caution on Interest Rates," and "Industrials Track On 13.53

TITLE: THE WRONG WAY TO SELL A NEW IDEA Many people would like you to believe that flat tax is so named because it will flatten your finances. That at the least is the intended conclusion. By eliminating personal deductions like mortgagee interest payments, the study claims, the flat tax would reduce housing values in this country by upwards of 10 percent. The study's methodology is shaky at best, and the jury on housing values is still o ut. Despite the forces allied again

Subject: Internet Date: December 1, 1995 MEMORANDUM Mrs. -----, I understand that some students that have already graduated from College are having a bit of trouble getting their new businesses started. I know of a tool that will be extremely helpful and is already available to them; the Internet. Up until a few years ago, when a student graduated they were basically thrown out into the real world with just their education and the

In the early to mid-nineties, a major change began taking place in America's economy. Technology and innovation became some of the leading factors of success for companies. Companies have been forced to change as the technology introduced around the world changes, and more importantly, they have had to be swift in adapting to change. This new age has commonly been classified as the "Information Age" or the "New Economy." Charles Darwin once said, "It is not the strongest of t

I think that it is right to begin with the Theory of consumer choice. The above consumer has expressed his preference of choice. He has a taste for seafood which he prefers above all other types of food. This does not mean that he only eats seafood, but in line with the last two elements of the theory of consumer choice, he has shown his preference for taste and on that assumption, will do the best that he can for himself to consume as much seafood as he can. The elements of the

Tobacco Advertising and its dangerous effects on young people. Everyday 3,000 children start smoking, most them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adult smokers said that they first lit up as teenagers (Roberts). These statistics clearly show that young people are the prime target in the tobacco wars. The cigarette manufacturers may deny it, but advertising and promotion play a vital part in making thes

Introduction One of the most important industries overall is the food industry. The food industry consists of everything from food processing plants to fast food restaurants. The food industry affects nearly every living person. Most people don't realize how important this industry is and how it affects their everyday lives. That is why it is so critical that the products of this industry are at their highest quality, are free of bacteria and ensure that the

HISTORY OF WATERFORD CRYSTAL Waterford Glass was started by two brothers, George and William Penrose, in 1783. It was the most notable of all Irish crystal companies. In 1799, the Penrose brothers sold Waterford Glass to the Gatchell family. The crystal industry was prosperous until 1825. Irish glass manufacturers began to slowly close due to high export duties, the economic depression, and a lack of capital. Waterford Glass was the last to close in 1851. It was reestablished ne

Welfare is a government program that provides money, medical care, food, housing, and other things that people need in order to survive. People who can receive help from these welfare programs are children, elders, disabled, and others who cannot support their families on their current income. Another name for welfare is public assistance. There are many organizations that supply this public assistance. Such as Salvation Army and other groups. Public assistance benefits help many peo

Q. Why do prices of some goods fluctuate more than others? A. It is a well known fact, that various prices of goods fluctuate at various levels. The products which fluctuate most in price are often held to be necessities, but what is that makes these changes, and which factors influence them. Before trying to conclude which goods fluctuate most price- wise and why, it seems sensible to ask which group these products belong. As mentioned necessities are known to be inelastic

For normal goods the demand for X varies inversely with the price of X. There are two main reasons for this. For any price change there is a substitution effect and an income effect. For example if the price of Tesco Steak falls, some consumers will switch towards Tesco steak (away from other brands or other meats) - because it has become relatively cheaper. More utility can be gained from each pound spent. This switching of demand is called the substitution effect. If the price of st

Date: 12/14/00 To: Securities and Exchange Commission From: Bryan Economic Analysis, Inc. Re: Report on Stock Prices of Internet Companies Priority: Urgent & Confidential The Problem In Response to the SEC memorandum regarding the adoption of the policy of capping the stock prices of internet-related companies at 90% of their current value, Bryan Economic Analysis, Inc. has come to the following conclusions. Bryan Economic Analysis, Inc. agrees that if something is not done rega

What is a diamond? A diamond is a pure or nearly pure form of crystallized carbon. When it is cut and polished it can be very valuable. Then why are diamonds so important in 2061? Why are they such a sought after material? What is the significance of diamonds in 2061? The book began with Doctor Heywood Floyd preparing a journey to Halley s comet. He traveled on the spaceship Universe along with some scientists, tourists, and a crew. The ship landed, performed some experiments, coll

The sale at public auction of personal property in the United States has a rich history and has been successfully used for three centuries. Auctions are one of the best businesses and are ranked in the top ten businesses in the world to sell personal property. Auctions are the best way to liquidate your property, sell your personal property and to get cash in your pocket. First of all, auctions can help you liquidate or downsize personal property, such as furniture, clothes, automobile and je

2061: Odyssey Three What is a diamond? A diamond is a pure or nearly pure form of crystallized carbon. When it is cut and polished it can be very valuable. Then why are diamonds so important in 2061? Why are they such a sought after material? What is the significance of diamonds in 2061? The book began with Doctor Heywood Floyd preparing a journey to Halley’s comet. He traveled on the spaceship Universe along with some scientists, tourists, and a crew. The ship landed, performe

Market demand is best defined as each consumer s demand for a particular product, or each firm s demand for a particular factor. The law of demand specifies that the amount demanded varies inversely with price . The following diagram can best demonstrate this. The table shows the maximum rate of purchase. That is, where the price is $40, consumers will buy 200 units and no more. Price $ Quantity Demanded 20 240 40 200 60 160 80 120 100 80 120 40 The demand curve can be used to give a

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a fixed market basket of consumer goods and services. The CPI provides a way for consumers to compare what a market basket of goods and services cost this month with what the same market basket cost a month or year ago. The CPI affects all Americans because of the way it is used. The three major uses are as a economic indicator, as a deflator of other economic series, and a

The definition of an intangible asset is an asset that lacks physical substance and usually has a high degree of uncertainty concerning their future benefits, and they are unable to be touched (they are not physical objects). Patens, copyrights franchises, and goodwill are all examples of intangible assets. Goodwill is considered the most intangible asset. The only way to acquire goodwill is when you purchase an entire company for more than the value of its assets. The company cannot be

The stock market is very much like legalized gambling. Anybody can place bets by buying and selling stocks. In the stock market the goal is to buy a stock at the lowest price possible and when it is at its highest price possible,to sell it. Stock is purchased and sold through stockbrokers who in turn tell individuals on the stock market floor to buy or sell a stock, much like an auction. When stocks are being bought more than they are being sold, their prices go up, and when a majority of

When setting up a stock portfolio there are things one should look into. First off, one should know what is currently happening, not only in the stock market, but in the economy as well. Researching stock indexes such as “The Dow” and the “S&P 500” will give you general stock performance. The Dow Jones Industrial Average only tracks 30 large industrial firms in hopes of getting a sense of where the market is heading. The S&P 500, on the other hand, tracks 500 sto

9 KOREAN ECONOMIC TRENDS SERI June 24, 2000 KOSPI & KOSDAQ Index Movements 630 670 710 750 790 830 870 May-16 May-22 May-26 Jun-01 Jun-08 Jun-14 Jun-20 110 130 150 170 190 KOSPI (left axis) KOSDAQ Index (right axis) p p Stock Market During the week, both the Korea Stock Price Index (KOSPI) and the KOSDAQ Index experienced a correction, closing the week at 785.32p (2.38% fall from the previous week? close) and 146.12p (6.34% fall from the previous week? close),

Capital Asset Pricing Model The theory of the Capital Asset Pricing Model - CAPM is pretty basic. This theory though it seems very small is a very important part of the business world. The expected return on a long futures position depends on the Beta of that individual futures contract. If the Beta is greater than 0, the futures price should rise over time. If the Beta is equal to 0, the futures price should remain the same over time. If the Beta is less than 0, the futures price sh

DIMONDS Diamond is the best known gem. It is known as the king of gems for its brilliance and for being the hardest mineral on earth. (Foa, p.50) Its characteristics enable it to be used for many different purposes. Since diamonds are the hardest gems on Mohs scale, they make useful tools for industrial purposes, such as drilling hard materials. However, they are quite rare, which makes them very valuable. Their beauty and brilliance make them perfect for jewelry. Diamond is made up of ca

Apple Computer Inc designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers and related personal computing and communication solutions. The return of Steve Jobs, the companies founder, as CEO has pulled the company’s stock price up 775-percent through his launch of innovative products such as the iMac computer line. On January 5, 2000, Jobs announced that he was dropping interim from his CEO title and taking the job full-time. With this news and Apple’s new products such as the q Product- is an internet company that offers a wide variety of college supplies and other related items online. However, the primary product that is being marketed is college textbooks and books. In fact claims to be the largest college bookstore online, and to have all books in print available to customers. q Price- In terms of price, offers their product at an affordable, discounted price compared to the typical bookstore price. Ha

Curbo Company Recently, Curbo Company has received a large sum of money from the estate of a former stockholder. Management is undecided about the most profitable means of investing this money. The Accounting Department has worked with the Engineering and Production Departments, and the Market Research Department is evaluating the alternatives available. After eliminating a few alternatives that would not fully meet company objectives, they believe the following actions are feasible:

Opec Oil Embargo / 1973, The Year Without Oil OPEC Oil Embargo There are several things that come to mind when presented with the picture and topic, but the one that stands out most is shortage. However, shortage is an ironic word to use for it. It wasnÕt really a shortage in the fact that the world is out of oil, which being a non-renewable resource will be one day, but it was an incredible 130% increase in price by OPEC, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. This forced

A lot of attention has been paid to different methods of stock selection. Lately momentum investing has been all the rage, and many have been suggesting that the old methods are no longer valid. But, as we have indicated all along, in the long run, the old rules will apply and those who ignore them may look great for their 15 minutes of fame, but in the end, they ignore the old rules at their peril. Two methods that have stood the test of time are value and growth investing. These a

Henry Ford I have come here today to inform your of Henry Ford's early years, breakthrough with the Model T , and of his stubbornness attitude. Henry Ford made the automobile industry what it is today. His childhood hobby of mechanical tinkering proved him to be one of America's greatest inventors of all time. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in the area of Detroit, Michigan. The was the eldest of six children born to William and Mary Litogot O'Hern Ford. Henry attended rural schools

FORD, Henry (1863-1947). In 1896 a horseless carriage chugged along the streets of Detroit, with crowds gathering whenever it appeared. Terrified horses ran at its approach. The police tried to curb this nuisance by forcing its driver, Henry Ford, to get a license. That car was the first of many millions produced by the automotive pioneer. Henry Ford was born near Dearborn, Mich., on July 30, 1863. His mother died when he was 12. He helped on the family farm in summer and in winter attended

Newsweek Sept 18, 2000 “Ford vs. Firestone” pg. 26-30 Firestone tires are dangerous. Over 60 lawsuits have been filed dealing with the destruction of the Firestone wilderness AT tires. Many lives have been lost due to this problem. Firestone is trying to place some of the blame on Ford. The problem with the tire is that when driving, the separated tread and the steal belts disconnect from the tire and control is instantly lost from the driver. Ford is trying to be honest about

Henry Ford s Personal Business Ethics No one had the remotest notion of the future of the internal combustion engine, while we were just on the edge of he great electrical development (Ford 1926, 34). Ford was faced with a difficult situation: The Edison Company offered me the general superintendence of the company but only on condition that I would give up my gas engine and devote myself to something really useful. I had to choose between my job and my automobile. I chose the automobile,

Concept car today… They can start out as simple as a dream, or a sketch on a napkin during lunch. But by the time you see them, vehicles from Ford Motor Company have been designed and tested to look and perform their best. Here are some stories that chronicle that process. Concept Cars From the Model T to the latest futuristic designs, the engineers at Ford have a long history of design innovation. Here you can get a glimpse of some of the latest visions of the cars of the futur

HENRY FORD Henry Ford was known for mass producing cars and for the first time the average family had the chance to own one. Henry was born to the name Henry William Ford. His parents William and Mary Litigot Ford were married in 1862 waiting just one year to have Henry as their first born on July 30, 1863 in Springwells Michigan a suburb of Dearborn. His childhood was an average for a farm boy. He went to a couple of different farm schools through out his boyhood. When he was no