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Pascal Sorprendido o incr?dulo, los miembros de la ?lite intelectual de Par?s asisten a la exhibici?n de una m?quina extra?a, creada por un joven de 21 a?os. Nadie nota su alcance: ?para que un mecanismo capaz para hacer tantos c?lculos? Despu?s, siglos el molino ser?a considerado el percursor de las modernas calculadoras. Blaise Pascal, el inventor de la m?quina calculadora, tambi?n desarrollar?a los estudios importantes de Matem?tica y F?sicas

Censorship of inappropriate material has been an issue with every form of mass media. Now the new and upcoming Internet is becoming the focus. Software makers and service providers are choosing what the public should see. Does this seem right? How can a stranger choose what another person or their family sees on the Internet? Parents and adults should choose what they and their children are exposed to on the Internet. Among all the great things on the Internet there are some things tha

The History Of The Internet The Internet met its humble beginning thirty years ago at the hand of its creator, Robert Kahn, and over time developed into one of the most sophisticated tools of modern society. One of the Internets creators, Robert Kahn, helped to develop and promote the two early forms of the Internet, MILnet and ARPAnet with Protocols such as TCP/IP and Telnet. Development of TCP/IP and Telnet protocols allowed for the rapid growth of the Internet with its vast resources. Bor

W Alignment: O Choose one alignment and use it on the entire page. O Don't leave text against the left edge of the browser. O Don't set default text in all caps. W Proximity: O Keep headlines close to the text that they are there for. O Keep captions close to the images that they represent. O Squint your eyes when you look at your page, and see what looks like it goes with what, and then open your eyes and see what is supposed to go with what. W Repetition: O Make headlines repetiti

Personal History William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th, 1955. Bills father Bill Gates Jr. worked for a Seattle law firm and Bills mother Mary, taught school until they started their family. Bills parents were married in 1951 and two years later gave birth to their first child, Bills older sister, Kristanne. Two years after that Bill was born and in 1964 the third and final Gates was born, her name is Libby. As a child Bill enjoyed rocking back and forth, today

A man wakes up in the morning to the sound of his digital alarm clock and immediately checks his e-mail. He turns on the television, which has a V-chip to keep his children from watching what may be violent. He gets dressed, gets in his car, and drives to work where he works as the network administrator at a local steel company. It is amazing all of the things this man uses in the morning alone that would not be possible if it were not for computer technology. From his alarm clock to his e-mai

Memorandum TO: Mr. Thomas Williams FROM: Ms. Loukitchar Jeremy DATE: April 3, 2001 SUBJECT: Proposal for Security Guard Service at Martins Terminal # 2 Due to our growing needs for security at the Martins Terminal #2 (19- estimated loss from stolen goods amounts to $200,000), I recommend we engage a contract security service to control the flow of personnel, vehicles, and materials/products entering and departing from our terminal. After recently adding a public food court to our

THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1996 The Telecommunications Act of 1996 by definition : To promote competition and reduce regulation in order to secure lower prices and higher quality services for American telecommunications consumers and encourage the rapid deployment of new telecommunications technologies. (3) The Telecommunications Act of 1996 ("the Act," P.L. 104-104) was the first major revision of communications law since 1934. Its passage opened up the video, local telephone, and

Computer Scheduling Scheduling can be defined as the plan to bring together people, materials and curriculum at a designated time and place of the purpose of instruction. Its basic purpose is to coordinate the requirements laid down by previously reached decisions regarding curriculum, instructions, grouping and staffing. There are several approaches to achieving a good schedule. One of the most popular used today in both businesses and schools is the computer scheduling. Compute

The Internet has had a relatively brief, but explosive history so far. It grew out of an experiment begun in the 1960's by the U.S. Department of Defense. The DoD wanted to create a computer network that would continue to function in the event of a disaster, such as a nuclear war. If part of the network were damaged or destroyed, the rest of the system still had to work. That network was ARPANET, which linked U.S. scientific and academic researchers. It was the forerunner of today's Internet. In

Byers 1 Jesse P. Byers Mrs. Sear English 3 Period 4 13 February 1998 Programming The Future of The World Computers have advanced remarkably. It started with first generation computers such as the ENIAC which used vacuum tubes. This computer was huge and eventually out dated (Litterick 29). Next were computers that used transistors. They were more reliable, they used one thirteenth of the space of a tube, one twentieth the electricity, and one fifteenth less heat than tubes

Introduction Don Daufenbach stared at his computer screen. "Bobby2vt" was e-mailing him again, and this time he seemed excited. "Sounds like we have a deal," was the message that came in, Daufenbach says. "As for what I like . . . the younger the better," it said. In the next week, Daufenbach says, Bobby2vt sent him dozens of pictures of children having sex, hoping for videos in return. Instead, Bobby2vt ended up with a swarm of federal agents at his door last February. Daufenbac

Censorship and the Internet Biram Mboob London School of Economics "Inevitably, being an uncontrolled system, means that the Internet will be subjected to subversive applications of some unscrupulous users." (Kershaw) The concept of the Internet was created in answer to a strategic problem faced by the United States government during the Cold war era. A nuclear attack would easily disrupt a traditional computer network and hence make communication impossible. The solutio

Microsoft has had a couple of though months since July last year, when Judge Thomas Jackson ordered the company to break up in two. However, since the beginning of this year things have just looked better for Microsoft. The election of George Bush, who is against a break-up, has made Microsoft s situation better. However, it was on the 26th of February, when the case was heard by the appeal court, that things really turned in Microsoft s favour. First of all the court had appointed some time

Recently, Microsoft started having legal problems. It was one legal battle after another. It was taking too much time away from what Microsoft does best. Personally, I think it was starting to get to be ridiculous. The problems first started shortly after Microsoft released the Windows 98 Operating System. To help the look of Windows 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer was integrated with the operating system to become a major component to Windows 98. Because of this, the default Intern

Microsoft, the world’s largest company by market value, is accused of acting monopolistic in the computer software industry. Microsoft provides for eighty percent of the computers used, operating system. The operating system is a basic program that loads or boots up your computer to make it perform. Now this is where the government takes a strong stand in accusing Microsoft of causing a monopoly. In order for Word, Excel, Office, and many other programs to work, they have to be co

The Anti-Trust Case Against Microsoft By Corporate Watch writing this article "Microsoft: One World Operating System" ( A battle is raging in the United States Courts with the Microsoft Corporation. The federal government maintains that Microsoft's monopolistic practices are harmful to United States citizens creating higher prices and potentially downgrading software quality and should be stopped while Microsoft and its supporters claim that

Monopoly? Is Microsoft actually a monopoly? No, they are not. They don’t force you to buy their products, they are not the only company out there, and even though they are the most used, people do have many other choices. Who makes you buy a product? No company makes you buy their products. If any company made you buy a product of theirs it would be bad business, and no one would buy from them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying ,“ Buy my product or I will

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My position today is proving to you, Your Honor, that Microsoft has used monopolistic practices and market power to foster a non-competitive climate. According to Webster, a monopoly is the exclusive control of a commodity or service in a given market. Microsoft has achieved their status of being the largest Software Company in America by creating a monopoly and using unfair business tactics. It may seem impossible for there to be only one supplier of any product in the software industry

The article in which I am doing my article review on is entitled, "Microsoft Lawyers Meet With U.S. Government, States" by David Lawsky. I found this article in Yahoo!News on the internet. In this paper, I will discuss the court case of the U.S. vs. Microsoft. Some of the legal issues I will discuss and illustrate are monopolies, The Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act. The U.S. government has alleged that Microsoft holds monopoly power in the market for personal computer operating s

By running the Internet Microsoft could set up any programs that they wanted to. Also the software buyer would have to sue it because his system (computer) would only be compatible with one type of software programming. In addition and most important, not only is it not fair, it is illegal and it leaves no room for competition. Because of the loss of competition, Microsoft or any other company should not be able to monopolize the computer software industry or any industry. First of all,

Microsoft X-Box The Microsoft Corporation has changed the way we look at computers, but can they change anything else? Of course they can. Microsoft has expanded into the gaming world outside of the PC. They are now in competition with Nintendo, Sega, and other major gaming corporations. Microsoft has introduced their new gaming system – X-Box, by far the most advanced and powerful system on the market. The first question that many people were asking Microsoft was, why move from t

Many have asked the question of whether Microsoft has turned into a monopoly of the high technology and software industry. This question is an easy one to answer, yes it is. Over the years, Microsoft has used its wealth and influence over the software industry to pull away from the competition by threatening competitors of withdrawing contracts and software deals. This is how Microsoft has grown to become a modern monopoly. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson presided over the case and at the en

A battle is raging in the United States Courts with the Microsoft Corporation. The federal government maintains that Microsoft's monopolistic practices are harmful to United States citizens creating higher prices and potentially downgrading software quality and should be stopped while Microsoft and its supporters claim that they are not breaking any laws and are just doing good business. Microsoft's antitrust problems began for them in the early 1990's. When the Federal Trade Commission

Does a breakup make sense ? Everyone knew that the government had mounted a strong case in U.S. vs. Microsoft. But nobody expect a complete rout. Yet, when U.S. District Judge Thomas P. Jackson released his finding of facts on Nov. 5, he handed state and federal prosecutors an unambiguous triumph. Declaring that Microsoft routinely used its monopoly power to crush competitors, he portrayed the software giant as nothing less than a social menace. Jackson s fact-findings were so critical of

As this paper is written there is a landmark court case proceeding in Washington in front of a federal judge. This case involves the charging of the Microsoft Corporation for violating antitrust laws set up by the government to preserve market competition. A general overview of the accusations brought against Microsoft by the Justice Department was given by Hayes in the Scholastic Update article The U.S. versus Microsoft (1999). This article explains why the federal government is suing Mic

Is Microsoft a fetching business model to be emulated or the most destructive force in the software industry? Should the government apply the antitrust laws to the software industry or sit back and wait for dynamic market forces to solve anti-competitive problems? Discussions about Microsoft represent a larger-than-life dispute that speaks not only to the computer giant's impressive efforts to monopolize key elements of the software and electronic commerce markets, but to the larger

AM,-AM3,a,a-a PM-Microsoft Response,0332 Microsoft plans to summon witnesses to fight breakup Eds: Version moving on financial wire. By MICHAEL J. MARTINEZ AP Business Writer SEATTLE (AP) - Microsoft plans to ask for authority to seek government records and subpoena witnesses to support its argument that breaking the company in two would be going too far, a company spokesman said today. Jim Cullinan said he expects a long discovery process to find out how the Justice Department came

Microsoft: The Big Bully Stealing Your Lunch Money A monopoly, by definition, is a business or group that engages in unfair and often unethical business practices to control an industry and eliminate all competition that might lessen their profits. The government has passed two main antitrust laws, The Sherman Antitrust Act and The Clayton Antitrust act. The Department of Justice has brought many trials against companies that appear to be violating the antitrust laws. Two notable cases are

Park Place, Boardwalk, Next Stop Microsoft? In the 1920's and 30's, Standard Oil became one of the most controlling companies America had ever seen. Under the watchful eye of John Rockefeller, Standard Oil methodically phased out any and all competition. Back then, the government realized what was happening and put into effect the anti-trust law. The government, however, could easily disband Standard Oil; America could simply go to a different oil company. The government could not have seen w

By now everyone is familiar with the case U.S. vs. Microsoft. What is all this about? According to my two articles, Microsoft, the world's leading software company, is being sued by the Justice Department joined by 19 states. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system. Almost every computer in schools, libraries, offices, and home is equipped with either Windows 3.X, Windows 95, or 98. As far as browsing the web, there are three major browse

In late October 1997, the Justice Department was again interrogating Microsoft. They have been at this since 1993, when they took over from the frustrated Federal Trade Commission. The computer industry of today is exploding more and more as time passes, and competition follows. I think this is a good topic because the world today is surrounded by computers, and it will continue to be this way. It is safe to say that Bill Gates and Microsoft are leading this new revolution, maybe even

Wordsworth’s Way of Explaining His Past “William Wordsworth, English poet, one of the post accomplished and influential of England’s romantic poets, whose theories and style created a new tradition in poetry “ ( Microsoft Encarta 1). Wordsworth began writing poetry when he was still in school, but it wasn’t until 1793 that any of his poems were published. “Wordsworth’s political and intellectual sympathies underwent a transformation after 1800. By 1810 his viewpoint was

Recently one of the biggest corporations in the United States, Microsoft had to face several ultimatums from the government. The case against Microsoft was brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as several state Attorneys General. Microsoft is accused of using and maintaining monopoly power to gain an unfair advantage in software market. The case has been under observation for a long time, but the Justice department is having trouble coming up with substantial evidence again

John Keats John Keats is one of the finest poets ever to write inEnglish. By the time of his death at the age of 25, he hadaccomplished more than all but the finest writers haveachieved in a full lifetime."Endymion", the poem was thefirst major work he undertook.(Microsoft) Keats was born to a family of humble means, the eldestof four children. The Keats children were orphaned at anearly age and placed in the care of a relative who withheldtheir inheritance and treated them badly. John, w

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Microsoft Anti-Trust Case In 1890, Congress passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Since then there has been very few companies that have violated this act. In 1911 it was used it to break J.D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil trust in to 30 different competing companies. Then in 1982 AT&T’s monopoly was broken up in what has been called the biggest anti-trust case to date. Now Microsoft has been charged and found guilty. ( “America's History Of Monopoly-Busting” ) Lack of trust

Do You Have a Choice in Surfboards Who owns the Internet? If you were to ask this question to any person familiar with the World Wide Web they most likely would say that nobody owns the "Net", but in the past few years a major player has stepped onto the Internet scene and they don't want just a piece of it, they want to dominate the whole thing. This ambitious, greed machine is the one and only Microsoft juggernaut. The Microsoft corporation has been known for years as the best operating

In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a company called Microsoft; in 1981 Microsoft became a corporation. Microsoft’s purpose has been to originate software for the personal computer in the workplace, educational institution, and household. Microsoft’s resourceful products and advertising have made it the world’s chief software provider. Some of its resources include operating systems for personal computers, server applications for client-server environments, trade and consu

The Microsoft Antitrust Case The case against Microsoft was brought buy the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as several state Attorneys General. Microsoft is accused of using and maintaining monopoly power to gain an unfair advantage in the market. The case has been under observation for a long time, but the Justice department is having trouble coming up with substantial evidence against Microsoft. Specifically, the Department must prove:  That Microsoft has monopoly power

Gates World Congrats to the man of the millennium Mr. Bill Gates. Bill developed the wonderful software that makes computing so much fun! As his company, Microsoft, surges for domination in the computing industry, I picture Bill installing little buttons under his desk for possible world take-over. Forget the Y2K bug, that’s nothing! Through Windows I see Bill using Microsoft much like a chess move for world-wide Gates time! But don’t worry, I’m sure Bill has some pr

In 1994 Microsoft decided to get into the financial software system by attempting to be a central player in the mix of the software business. Bill Gates decided that the financial system would be where Microsoft would make their money. Employees of Microsoft set out with a great attitude to take control of the suddenly emerging electronic bank field. (Intuit Microsoft merger void Internet source) Intuit s Quicken software dominated the electronic banking field, controlling seventy percen

Before you use Microsoft Access to actually build the tables, forms, and other objects that will make up your database, it is important to take time to design your database. A good database design is the keystone to creating a database that foes what you want it to do effectively, accurately, and efficiently. The first step in designing a Microsoft Access database is to determine the purpose of the database and how it s to be used. You need to know what information you want from the databas

Does Microsoft Have Too Much Power?Initially, there is nothing. Then, there is Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft. Once a young, eager teenager running a small business of other teenagers, now the richest man in the world controlling an operating system practically every IBM compatible computer in the world uses. Computers are not the only thing that Microsoft desires. Now, they wish to influence the Internet. With all the opportunities that it offers, many companies race to develop sof

Bill Gates The Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft William Gates III was born in October 28, 1955. He lived in Seattle with his father who is a Seattle attorney, his mother who was a chairwoman of United Way International, and his two sisters. He began programming when he was 13 yrs.old. In 1973, while attending Harvard, Gates created BASIC- a version of a program language that can be used on the 1st microcomputer- MITS Altair. Two years later he & his childhood friend, Pau

Should this business update to Windows 2000 from Windows 98 for its office PCs? In the business world today, computers and the software applications that run on them basically control an well-organized business. Every major company is equipped with a computer, or network that connects through different branches throughout the firm. To keep up with the fastest technology that dominates the market is to be a sensible buyer. A system can be outdated in a matter of two years time. Theref

John D. Rockefeller controlled almost 90% of oil refineries in US. He pursued several successful and dishonest plans to accumulate capital. He would secretly buy up or create new oil related companies such as engineering and pipeline firms. Rockefeller secretly controlled the firms and gave Standard Oil, there were hidden rebates. He also secretly planned to buy up a competing oil company. The most secret deal by Rockfeller was, with the railroads. The deals where those refineries and

CEO profile on Bill GatesBelow is a profile on the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gatring records. Bill Gates has definitelyhelped prepare the world for the year 2000. SummaryBill Gates began programming computers at the age of thirteen. In 1974, he developed BASICwhile attending Harvard University, and in 1975 dropped out to form Microsoft with friendPaul Allen. They believed that the computer would revolutionize the world. Through thisbelief Gates has brought Microsoft from an unknown com

Hacking has become a major issue in today s world of technology. Even software giant Microsoft has been affected. Recently hackers broke into Microsoft s computer system. The hacker or hackers created new accounts so that they could gain access to parts of the software giant s computer network. Some accounts were being created that did not match or normal audit logs, Mr. Schmidt the corporate security office for the Microsoft Corporation, said (Schwartz, 2000). According to The New Y