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Lord of the Flies: Changes and the Reasons Behind Them The screenwriters of the 1990 movie version of Golding's novel Lord of the Flies clearly had a different sort of project in mind than just remaking the original 1961film. They made many changes from the original, and each change they made added to the effect of the movie. Each change they made was obviously carefully thought out and planned for a specific reason. The first and most obvious change they made involved the boys in the m

Communication Principles in ?Schindler?s List? There are too many people who claim that the Holocaust never happened, that the stories we hear are the clever fabrications of the media. Speilberg created for us a fabulous movie to dispute this theory. Too many of us remember all too well the effect it had on those close to us. Too many of us had family members who barely escaped the atrocities that were to occur. Too many of us lost family members to the dreams of a genius and a madman. T

Not often today does a movie survive at the box office without computer generated landscapes or dozens of special effects. Recently, a movie broke that barrier and set a few records of its own. Good Will Hunting not only survived, it prospered at the box office this season. Doing so well at the box office against such stiff competition as Titanic, As Good as it Gets, and other blockbusters is also notable. It was nominated for a remarkable twelve academy awards, including Best Picture of the

Micheal Keaton was born on September 9, 1951. Micheal is a very gifted actor. He normally does comedy's and drama. In his early years he was a stand up comedian. He first became a star when the debut of his new movie came out in 1982. It was called Night Shift. His second movie was called Mr. Mom. His next four films didn't go as well as the first two. But, in 1988, he had a few good movies such as, Beetlejuice, Clean and Sober. For those two films he received the National Society of Fil

Anytime a film is watched its viewers criticize it. Whether they are positive or negative comments depend on the writer's opinion. Timothy Corrigan mentions six approaches to writing about film, in his book titled A short Guide to writing about film. In this essay I will discuss how the movie Halloween, directed by John Carpenter in 1978, can be related to five out of the six approaches by Timothy Corrigan. When a writer uses an approach that organizes and investigates films according to t

An Analysis of the Opening Sequence from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Just like a building, a film needs a strong foundation to build on in order to be successful. This foundation is found in the starting moments of the film. In Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock successfully uses the first sequence to set a foundation on which he builds an interesting plot in order to keep us, the viewers, involved in the movie. Hitchcock immediately suggesting a "psycho" theme as the credits begin. A musical co

Pop Art The pop art movement began in London during the 1950's and then quickly spread throughout nearly all of the industrialized world. Although the artists did have some overlapping styles, pop art focuses more on the subject and less on style, which was left up to each individual artist. The main themes that is evident in all pop art revolves around modern social values. The style in which these values were portrayed varied depending on the culture and artist. Critic Barbara Ro

Braveheart The story of William Wallace was one that could bring a tear to even the most cold-hearted man and women on earth. His story not only showed the struggle of how Scotland got it's freedom but also about how he struggled in his personal life with the many foolish and unnecessary rules that the king put on his people, which soon led to the death of his wife. William Wallace's life started just like any other boy that lived in Scotland. But it would soon change. The people of Scotland w

"A plethora of people have written about Woody Allen", John Lahr said "and they either like him or dislike him. But no one has yet managed, I think, to interpret him." Woody Allen has been revered as one of the brilliant artists of the twentieth century and at the same time called a pervert. His works have been called jokes but also masterpieces. Many critics have tried to explain why Allen writes the things he writes but not one has had success. The drive and brilliance of Allen has not b

Demystifying The A-Team Formula: an Examination of Character Personalities and Old Genres "In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as sol diers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can

A Sociological Critique of Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever" Liana R. Prieto (April 1998) Spike Lee's Jungle Fever is not a unique cultural production, but a reflection of splintered aspects of real life. It depicts relationships between African-Americans and Italian-Americans centering on one interracial relationship. The film is as much a critique of urban life in New York City as an examination of interracial relationships. It presents a bleak picture of city life full of stereotypes where

Schindler's List is a docudrama by Steven Speilberg that portrays the inhumanity of Hitler's Germany during the second world war in respect to the devastating treatment of the Jews. This paper will look closely at visual elements in the film and how they develop and relate to the mentality of the Germany during that time. In dealing with such an incomprehensible and complex catastrophe Speilberg carries the reality to the viewer partially through the use of visual elements such as brutal violen

The mood established by the opening scene is maintained throughout the film. The Sweet Hereafter has a very calm feel to it throughout. The action is not fast-paced or thrilling; the movie's appeal is more related to its characters and its emotion than to its action. Nonetheless, I found it to be an irresistible film. The plot of The Sweet Hereafter centres around a tragic bus accident in a small town. Many directors and writers, given the same storyline, would have hit the audience hard

"Who gets to go?" This is a question from Contact, and unfortunately, due to the trailers, we already know the answer. It's a shame though, because the suspense mounts and yet it doesn't get as high as we would like it to. However, if you are capable of forgetting the fact of who goes, you can thoroughly enjoy the suspense-filled moments. On the other hand, Contact is not a film about suspense. It is about characters and a story that draws us in and takes us for a ride up to a very satisfying co

Schindlers List During periods of war the lives of millions of people are changed. Sometimes the change may be for the better, but at other times it may be for the worse. Oscar Schindler is an example of a man who changed for the better during the period of World War II. Before the war Schindler was a very selfish man who was most part interested in his own pleasures. By the end of the war, Schindler recognized the suffering of the Jewish people, and made huge efforts to help them. The

Jim Stone Art of the Film November 29, 1997 Fall 1997 Paper Assignment 2 Meet Me In St. Louis! What exactly makes up a great movie? Is it the dramatic storyline or the heart-pounding pace? Is it the collaboration of talented actors or the smooth cinematography and sharp camera angles? In rare occasions all of these element above are found as well as an often overlooked component: form and meaning. The emotions and feelings of the characters and what drives them to their goals can

The Dead Poets Society Essay "The Dead Poets Society" is about a group of boys that attend a college prep school and are in a class with a unpredictable teacher, Mr. Keating. Many of the events that take place at the school change many of the boys and how they think. Attending the college is Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Knox Overstreet, and John Keating (there teacher). John Keating was the boys teacher that was head of the Dead Poets Society when he went to schoo

Pop Art The pop art movement began in London during the 1950's and then quickly spread throughout nearly all of the industrialized world. Although the artists did have some overlapping styles, pop art focuses more on the subject and less on style, which was left up to each individual artist. The main themes that is evident in all pop art revolves around modern social values. The style in which these values were portrayed varied depending on the culture and artist. Critic Barbara Rose c

The Evaluation of the Movie Die Hard-With a Vengeance In today's movie producing industry, computerized special effects have dominated. From Independence Day to Armageddon and Deep Impact, these big box office hits are just some of the many. But which movie today can you think of that does not have many special effects and is still a blockbuster? Perhaps you may have different views. After spending at least 25 times or more watching the Movie Die Hard- With a Vengeance, I would

Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino is a man who acts in movies. He acted in movies such as: From Dusk Till Dawn, Girl 6, Desperado, Destiny Turns On The Radio, Four Rooms, Coriolis Effect, Pulp Fiction, Sleep With Me, Somebody To Love, Eddie Presley, Reservoir Dogs, The Golden Girls, All-American Girl. He wrote movies such as: From Dusk Till Dawn, Crimson Tide Four Rooms, It's Pat, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Past Midnight, Reservoir Dogs. He also was a Producer

Michael Zeller Mr. Lipka Analyzing Criteria From Jane Austen's, Sense And Sensibility In the novel, Sense and Sensibility, there are two sets of criteria which will be analyzed in this paper. I will refer to these two sets of criteria by placing them into the historical context in which the novel was written. One piece of criterion from this novel refers to the notion of the dominant eighteenth century Neo Classicist, versus the Romantic. These two perspectives differ

Vito Corleone is one of the main characters in the movie The Godfather. Throughout the movie Vito gives numerous speeches to the men who work for him, do business with him, and ask favors of him. His style is unusual for a man with all of his power, but it is very effective. His style could be a good example to anyone who is in a management position working with subordinates as well as anyone working in sales or any other position where there is contact with potential business partners. In

Alfred Hitchcock is renown as a master cinematographer (and editor), notwithstanding his overall brilliance in the craft of film. His choice of black and white film for 1960 was regarded within the film industry as unconventional since color was perhaps at least five years the new standard. But this worked tremendously well. After all, despite the typical filmgoer's dislike for black and white film, Psycho is popularly heralded among film buffs as his finest cinematic achievement; so much so, th

This paper's intent is a bare bones interpretation of most of the compelling parts and elements of Psycho. The title itself, which Hitchcock aptly heeds in his films, tersely signals the viewer of an experience within pathology; to get a feel for it so to speak. The central meaning can be culled in the first part of the plot, right through to Marion's murder and disposal in the far swamp. Within this first part, most meaningful is the interaction between Marion and Norman, even t

In using the secondary or supporting actors for comic relief, Hitchcock colorfully rounds out the plot atmosphere and provides some added importance to them instead of using them as cardboard cutouts (as happens in most films). The humor gives the viewer a temporary break from concentration on the plot and other elements. But it also simultaneously enhances significant points of these elements from an alternate angle. That is, Hitchcock's humor will have the attentive viewer exam

2. Hitchcock likes to blur the ideas of love and obsession, and of safety and danger into relation, or association. In To Catch a Thief, Danielle a bit illicitly tells Robie "I do one favor per day". She's like a siren sex symbol, meeting Robie for the first time in the potentially romantic restaurant wine cellar, and wearing a bright red dress, lifting it openly to divert the overpassing police in the plane. The latter example also implies relation with her as dangerous by the fac

Dances With Wolves opens with a fairly gruesome scene. Two surgeons, covered in blood, are cutting off a man's boot. The poor guy listens to them as they talk about amputating his foot. His pain, both physical and emotional, is very plain as he bites down on a small branch and forces his boot back onto his foot. The Civil War was hard. Yet we watch as one soldier apparently risk his life to enable his army to surprise his enemies. The not quite hidden sorrow is that lieutenant Dunb

Authorial shots of "Rear Window" In "Rear Window", we are taken into the movie. Hitchcock let's us be able to explore the good use of authorial shots. The authorial shots can establish a point that is very key to the movie. IT is necessary to show them, to show the movie's way of working and what is going on between the characters. In the opening scene, we are guided through a series of scenes. The camera takes us from one scene to another by moving in and out, up and down. The tempera

Shawshank Redemption Critical Analysis Essay Being convicted of a crime you honestly did not perform, let alone the crime being the murder of your spouse, and being put into a prison where you would be for life and parole was out of the picture. This is the start of Shawshank Redemption. Andy Dufresne must live with this in the story based back in the day in the late 1940's where Rita Hayworth was the object of desire. Shawshank is the prison in which Andy is sentenced to and must survi

There is passion in all of us. Some of us struggle all our lives to express this vivid personal sense. Others find companions who have that mutual understanding of their shared emotions, overcoming any obsticale that seems to prevent this fusion. This is just one of the many themes discussed in Jane Campion's The Piano. Ada, our beautifully articulate, but silent heroine is the closest to feeling this fulfillment. She, consciously or subconsciously, chooses to ignore society's conventional

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit there is a very unique mixture of cartoon and imaging combined with live action. Animation is a wonderful thing, but yet very hard to do and very cost worthy. Animation can be very difficult to create let alone going and mixing it with real live action which was a big test for the makers of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The Makers of this Film did a very good job making the mixture of these two intractable things look so very r

Robert Rauschenburg is an American artist famous for experimenting with a variety of materials, techniques, media, and styles. His search for new forms of expression throughout his career inspired many artists in the United States and Europe. Rauschenburg was born in Port Arthur, Texas. He first attracted attention in the early 1960's with all-white and all-black paintings. He then turned to combines, or assemblages, which combined painting with everyday objects. One combine called Bed consisted

CRITERIA: Trivia SUBJECT: "Revenge of the Jedi" SCENE: None EVENT: "Return of the Jedi" was orginaly title "Revenge of the Jedi". If this done to help detect fakes in the blackmarket, or whether the film really changed names is debatable. It is said the the change was made because a Jedi does not take "revenge". In 1982, "Star Wars" returned on April 10 and "Empire" on November 19. Both of these reissues featured identical "Revenge of the Jedi" trailers. CONFIRM: [C] NOTE: I have a c

The Story of Lucille Ball Turn on a television in virtually any country in the world and you'll see Lucy - knee-deep in grapes in an Italian vineyard, stuffing herself with chocolates as they stream down a conveyor belt, becoming drunker and drunker as she flubs take after take of a commercial for an elixer called Vitameatavegamin. Through stage, screen, and most of all through television, Lucille Ball has become one of the most legendary actresses the world has ever kno

THESIS STATEMENT This is my thesis statement -- while American animation and Japanese animation both have their virtues, the style of American animation, in general, has a significant amount of higher quality. WHERE TO BEGIN? WHERE TO BE GOING? To begin with, one of the major problems that has hindered American animation is budget and time constraints. On the other hand, in Japan, anime has been allowed to flourish all over. When it comes to animation, it seems that Hollywood simply doe

In April of 1839, a group of militant Portuguese abducted a group of 53 Africans, and shipped them to Havana, Cuba. In June of 1839, the Africans were purchased as slaves by four Spaniards and put on the schooner La Amistad (Spanish for "the friendship") for a voyage to Principe, an island republic, off the west coast of Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea. During this voyage, in the summer of 1839, the Africans performed mutiny on the ship, led by Cinque (Djimon Hounsou), they kill two of the c

Twenty-one years ago, a spectacular film was made by an incredible director of the highly acclaimed film, "Badlands". The movie, "Days of Heaven" directed by Terrence Malick is a movie that shows the confusion of one woman, trying to figure out whom she loves. The movie stars Richard Gere as Bill and Sam Shepard as a rich, handsome, Texan farmer, the two men Brooke Adams as Abby falls in love with. Linda Manz plays Linda, Bill's sister and the narrator, in the story. Terrence

This movie is about war between the English and the scotch rebellion people. A scotch brave knight (William Wallace) comes to lead his people of Scotland to victory in a few battles with the English, which makes a threat to the king of England. The English king sends his French daughter in law to negotiate peace with the savage warier. The scene begins as the warier approaches the beautiful princess with worn out clothes. The princess, have a look of anxiety in her eyes as she r

Holly Golightly is one of the most interesting and complicating characters that can ever be written about. She doesn't even know her own self. Holly thinks that she is independent and self reliant. "I've taken care of myself for a long time."(p.27) Even OJ Berman (her agent) knew that she was full of her self. "She isn't a phony, she's a real phony. She believes all this crap she believes." (p.30) Holly also used to steal things, which she thought was a way of being independent an

In Cool Hand Luke, the movie begins with the word, VIOLATION, across the screen. The word is from a parking meter and sets the tone for the entire movie. Luke Jackson, the title character, is arrested for cutting off the heads of the town's parking meters while drunk, or in legal terms, for destroying municipal property while under the influence of alcohol. When asked why he cut the heads off the parking meters, Luke answers, "You could say I was settling an old score." While it l

I believe the film "Confronting Child Sexual Abuse" enlightened myself on the service of CPS. To be a social worker you need to be able to deal with stress and to be able to leave the job at work when you go home. The case manager is responsible to assure that all the medical and educational needs of the child is meet. The case worker spends 40-50% of their time out in the field. The top priority of the social worker is to keep the parent and child together as long as the parent c

When I first saw Dead Poets Society, it was nothing I expected. The film is quite serious and it is without question the best movie I've ever seen. It takes place in 1959 at Welton Academy, a private collage prep school for boys where discipline is the most important goal and any demonstration of a free thought is strictly prohibited . One voice stands out among narrow-minded administration-John Keatings, eccentric and inspiring teacher. He wants his students to "suck the bone of

"It was Mr Keating's blatant abuse of position as teacher that led directly to Neil's death." We are asked to discuss the above statement after watching the movie: "Dead Poets Society". This statement I feel is ridiculous and when I have finished this essay you will agree. The school was a dull, meaningless place where tradition and reputation was put before creativity and education. That was until Mr Keating, came to the school as an English teacher. He focused around P

The story begins abruptly, as we find our mock heroes out in the desert en route to the savvy resort of Las Vegas. The author uses a tense hitchhiker as a mode, or an excuse, for a flashback that exposes the plot. An uncertain character picked up in the middle of the desert who Raoul Duke, the main character, feels the need to explain things to, to help him rest easy. They had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt sh

Was Ray Kinsella a triumphant hero who dared to live his dreams, or merely an insane lunatic who blindly followed voices that could only be heard within the confines of his mind? Although either of these theories could be argued successfully, the idea that this intrepid man was indeed a hero is supported by a list of characteristics that generally indicate a classical hero. In the movie, Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella was introduced to the viewers as an ordinary man, living an

What is clearly justified by the historical sources In Stanley Kubrick's film of Spartacus, many events that are documented in the historical sources are accurately portrayed. In the film, we see Spartacus and other slaves seize kitchen implements from the cookhouse in which they are eating and attack the guards. This is clearly justified by Plutarch in Fall of the Roman Empire; "seventy-eight, who realised this, managed to act in time and get away, armed with choppers and spit

The movie Friday was one of the best comedies I have ever seen. It had a great director, a talented cast, a good plot, a spectacular soundtrack, and is filled with funny gags and jokes. It was by far the most hilarious movie of the decade. I have never laughed so hard in all of my life. I loved this movie. The cast of the movie was sensational. Playing the main character was famous musician and actor, Ice Cube. He is such a serious person that at first I was skeptical of his

Hamlet - Movie Critique Essay submitted by Unknown The movie of Hamlet was an excellent, as far as book-movies go. I believe it was produced with focus, reason, and logic. The characters were also portrayed with a good interpretation. There were several changes to the play compared to the book, although the movie was done in such a way that they were not particularly missed, from the movie's point of view. Although, from my point of view, after re

Henry V - Film Essay submitted by ethan The film uses various techniques to present a particular view of the war against France. What is that interpretation and how does the film convey it? Although the Branagh version of Shakespeare's Henry V remains very close to the text, with only a few lines left out of the film, the movie portrays a very clear and distinct message about war and Branagh's opinion on the matter. Henry V is fundamentall

Reservoir Dogs Essay submitted by ethan Reservoir Dogs is a gangster movie with a difference. Instead of the gangsters being portrayed as slick professionals who always stay calm and collected, they are portrayed realistically. Reservoir Dogs is about a group of 5 professional thieves who attempt to rob a jewellery store. However, one of the team, Mr Orange (played by Tim Roth) is an undercover police officer. After the group enter the jewellery stor