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Book Report On The Downfall And Death Of Hitler

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As the Red Army advanced, Hitler retreated to his bunker, Führerbunker, located in Berlin in January 1945. The Nazi leadership believed that the battle for Berlin would be their final battle in the European theater of World War II. Allied forces plowed through the remaining power of Germany and soon enough Red Army tanks reached the outskirts of the city. After learning that his orders to counterattack had not been obeyed, Hitler suffered a total nervous collapse. Here, he launched a tirade against incompetence and treachery of his commanders, where he finally declared the war, fueled by racism and prejudice, as lost.

At this point, the Soviets were mere miles from Berlin, and their pursuit of the Hitler’s headquarters was unrelenting. Despite tremendous pressure, Hitler remained firm and remained in the bunker. No last minute escapes were made, even though a hideaway in the Alps was readily available. He feared that fleeing could result to capture, and that was a situation he was unwilling to risk – he remained firm on the idea of suicide. By the 24th of April, the Soviets had completely surrounded the city. Escape was no longer an option.

Hitler later learned that Benito Mussolini, an ally, was executed by Italian partisans. His body, along with the body of his mistress Clara Petacci, have been hung up by their heels to be displayed. The bodies were later cut down and thrown into the gutter, where they were continuously mocked by Italian dissenters.  These events, according to some accounts in history, may have contributed to Hitler’s resolve to rely on suicide, as he refused to become a spectacle, the very same fate that befell Mussolini. Upon hearing the news, Hitler ordered Dr. Haase to test the efficiency of cyanide capsules circulated by an SS physician, where it was carried out on his dog called Blondi, who died as a result.

According to witnesses in the bunker, shortly after midnight on April 29, Hitler married Eva Braun. They have been together since 1932, though their relationship has been kept private for the initial years. They lived together as husband and wife for less than 40 hours. By April 30, the forces commanded by Hitler to rescue Berlin has been surrounded. Leaders of the German command have relayed the information that they would only be able to hold off the advance for merely two days, three days at most. Here, Hitler finally came to the conclusion that his Thousand Year Reich was nearing its demise.

Shortly after meeting with his staff, Hitler and Braun had lunch with two of his secretaries and personal cook. After 3PM, they bid farewell to the staff in the bunker and retired to their private chambers. To this day, there are uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of the couple’s death. History narrates that the pair resorted to swallowing cyanide while sitting on a choice. For good measure, Hitler shot himself in the head using his pistol. The gunshot was heard at around 3:40PM, and after waiting for several more minutes, people went in to check on the study. They reportedly found Braun’s body away from Hitler, and clear that she has died by poisoning. Hitler was seated, his head leaning on the table front of him, with blood pooling on the carpet below. Their bodies were then wrapped in blankets to be carried up to the garden for cremation. As per Hitler’s final orders, SS Officer Otto Günsche soaked the bodies in gasoline and burned them. Several of the officials stood by the burning corpses, where they raised their arms as salute to their fallen Fuhrer.

News surrounding his death quickly spread around – the first inkling of Hitler’s Death came from Germany, where one of the radio stations announced that Hitler has died that afternoon – his successor was President Karl Dönitz. According to Dönitz, Hitler was killed in action as he defended the Reich’s capital. Today, however, the death of Hitler remains to be contested, as many believe that he was able to flee Berlin. Conspiracies still surround his death; allegedly Hitler escaped to Argentina. But records in history and evidence continuously prove that the remains extracted from burial sites are Hitler’s. One thing remains certain: Hitler lives on in history as the vilest human to have ever lived, and brought about one of the worst cases of racism in Europe.

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