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Research Paper On The German Blood And German Honor

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Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria (Germany) - the “City of Reich Party Rallies” - is a lovely city, but in its streets live the horrifying shadows of the past because it was in Nuremberg where Adolf Hitler established the laws the stripped off many people their identity and social worth. In Nuremburg, racism was protected by a legal document which made German Jews legally become “Jews in Germany” or "subjects of the state". The every word and the very existence of Nuremberg Laws was aimed at “protecting” the German blood and German honor, so they say, and that was meant to lead to the Holocaust.

The establishment of the Nuremberg Laws is a critical formation of racial laws that eventually led to the segregation and extermination of non-German citizens. It was as if separating the pure from half-breeds, like some animal in a farm, identifying if the latter are substantial or trash, and it was like living in a raw horror film for those who are not pure Germans. For one, they were not considered as German citizens. Being the so-called “subjects of the state”, making them an expendable item of the Nazi Party at the time. Jewish men and women who are of healthy composure can work as servants for German households or for some errands of the German soldiers. Some stories mention that these people used to prick their fingers and use their own blood to blush their cheeks to look healthy. This means that those who are too young or too old are tagged as non-essential personnel, hence, should be exterminated regardless of their previous social status. In fact, regardless of anything.

Another racial slur of the Nuremberg Laws is the Protection of German Blood and German Honor where the law forbids sexual relations and marriage between the German citizens and the subjects of the state. Although the law is not explicit of the reason why this is not allowed, Hitler was so profound of this racist act by believing that these people outside the German descent are unclean, and to protect the German blood and honor, these impure identities must be erased. In fact, even anybody that has at least one grandparent that is of Jewish descent cannot be a citizen of the Reich. The law states that the subjects of the state cannot vote, nor occupy public office. Their passports were stamped with a red “J” to represent “Jewish”, stripped of privileges and rights, obligations, and legal status, and they were ordered to adopt a Jewish name. This means that even if one was an accomplished professional, say, in the field of medicine, this title shall be taken away from you simply because you are not German, and that the blood in your veins is tainted. The law literally means to protect the bloodline of Germans from other races, and by doing so, protecting their honor too by maintaining nothing more than a master-servant relationship with the Jews.

The Nuremberg decrees is a huge step towards the genocide because it is a legal document that gave segregation or marginalization a go. Upon the success of separating the supreme race from what was believed a far inferior ethnicity, it became easier to get rid of them. Once the Nazi Party took its power, they were active in implementing all ordered commands in relation to the extermination of the Jews, all those inhumane acts under the sheets of a racist law. The thing that is disturbing is that this ideology violates all laws of being ethical, more than Hitler’s violation of the Treaty of Versailles, and although it has been long gone, simply knowing what happened can bring in trauma, and the fear of the tendency of the history to repeat itself.

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