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The Chancellor Of Germany And The Solidification Of The Nazi Power Research Paper

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The years between 1933 and 1935 are the most crucial years in solidifying the control of the Nazi Party in Germany. The then chancellor, Adolf Hitler, rebuilt the military prowess of Germany despite it being an actual violation of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, thereby ensuring that the reconstruction proceeds behind the curtain. By 1935, Hitler let the secret out when he proclaimed his plans of reconstructing the German air force, resupplying armory, and reestablishing the military conscription – emphasizing that this is in no means a defilement of the peace negotiations, and that it was nothing but a trick for defense.

The 21st of May 1935 Reichstag speech echoes “Germany needs peace and desires peace. . . Whoever lights the torch of war in Europe can wish for nothing but chaos.”

But of course, this is not a sudden burst of spontaneity. Amid the peak hyperinflation in 1923, the then chancellor, Adolf Hitler took this seemingly harmless plan in action which he called the "legality strategy". Of course, it did not help that he was seen as a celebrity while in prison for treason - where he wrote Mein Kampf - he wrote what he wants to do, and so he did. Then there was the Reichstag fire. This sparked the chancellor's chance to get rid of all democratic reminders on his newfound power. In the following year, March 1936, Hitler led the German soldiers to march into Rhineland which the Treaty of Versailles set as a buffer zone between France and Germany. Rhineland was tagged as an official area belonging to Germany, however, Germany was not allowed to occupy the area. Still, the buzzing of plane fighters overhead the marching German troops is the very first sound of Hitler’s violation of the treaty.

Fear immobilized the French and the British, arguably, assuming that all Germany did was nothing but claiming its own territory. The dissatisfaction of many German businessmen and politicians caused by the “betrayal” from the German Revolution was then served when the occupation of Rhineland occurred. The economic strain forced into the country led many to believe that this action is finally the start of the economic progress since the Great Depression wiped out the entire middle class at the time. The other half feared that this very action could lead into a great war, if only we could wish that they were wrong.

Hitler had a major influence, arguably disturbing, on many Germans, and what this immemorial name hinted on his substituents is the need to eradicate everything that he believes tarnishes Germany. By this, he meant the homosexuals, the mentally handicapped, the Jehovah's Witnesses, those that are of African descent, and the most that rang the bell - the Jews.

Then, there was the Holocaust.

This era will definitely stay as one of the darkest, if not the most horrific, days of human history. This is a terrifying embodiment of racism enveloped with political propaganda - that the very idea of ridding Europe of its now well-diverse culture led to genocide. First, the business owned by the Jewish were abandoned, jobs were relinquished, on and on until the prisons cannot accommodate the prisoners anymore. They were coined as nonessential personnel, and this became a problem. The question then boiled down to how to deal with the said situation, and Hitler did find one – to remove the problem, literally. They are the ones that we know were trapped in gas chambers, held under mass shootings, and who knows what else.

If we are to rank all cases of racism in Europe, this era will never leave the word “horrendous” alone. To be thought of as an insignificant part of the society simply because of who you are and where your very identity came from, regardless of your social status, if you are not of the same ethnicity as the chancellor, you are a dirt.

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