Pornography in Our Society

Susan Jacoby, a journalist well known for her feminist writings, and Susan Brownmiller, author of several books, are both supporters of the First Amendment, but have opposing views on the censorship of pornography. Jacoby s major claim is that any form of censorship is wrong. She believes there is no clear definition of what pornography is. Some women may see a picture of a naked woman and view it as beautiful and artful, while others may look at it in disgust and consider it degrading towards women. There is never any sort of agreement. Censorship of girlie magazines will lead to censorship on important issues such as abortion, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, and so forth. Jacoby believes pornography is protected by free speech and there can never be enough of the First Amendment. On the other hand, Brownmiller has a different point of view on this issue. She believes pornography should be put back in the closet. Her disapproval of pornography is the thought that its only purpose is to degrade and embarrass the female body for erotic enjoyment. We are unalterably opposed to the presentation of the female body being stripped, bound, raped, tortured, mutilated, and murdered in the name of commercial entertainment and free speech. Brownmiller is not saying she wants pornography banned completely, just out of sight. In the end, it will be left in the hands of the legislatures to decide what can or cannot be exhibited. I, too, agree with Brownmiller and the idea that pornography should be put away due to the fact that it is just too easily found, along with the great influence it has among children, teenagers, and even adults today.

Back in earlier days, pornography was not as easily found, but was easy to spot when it was found. It was trashy, cheap, and very distasteful. The female body was not portrayed in any artful sort of way. Today, practically any newsstand, liquor store, or bookshop you go to will carry Playboy, Hustler, or any other sort of pornographic magazine. These well known porn industries have made millions of dollars off of pornography. Today, they have so cleverly improved their movies and photographs confusing the public to view them with no disgust whatsoever. The public may think that there is nothing wrong with being able to find any kind of pornography anywhere they go, but there is. For instance, a mother is walking down the street with her child to a local newsstand to purchase the daily newspaper. With her child standing right beside her, the mother right away notices several magazines, displayed in open view, with nude women attractively spread on the covers. Her child notices the magazines and views them with confusion, believing that public display of nudity is normal. When the child enters the real world, he or she has grown to believe that women are naturally expected to expose their nude bodies to the public. The child does not even consider it degrading or even remotely at all dehumanizing, but just simply normal . Recently a popular source of interaction with others is the use of the internet. At any time of the day, whether it may be 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m., any person can sign on to the internet and chat with all different kinds of people or find information on a specific topic. Anyone, anywhere, any age can log on to the internet and locate various types of websites specifically on pornography. Any young child or under aged teen can sign on and view explicit sexual photographs or movies. They are not mature enough to understand the immorality of these photos or films. Today pornography has become so popular among the public that people have forgotten the moral limit they should have on it.

With pornography practically being displayed out in the open, it has caused a great influence on children, teens, and even adults. The amount of pornography viewed by the public not being limited, people become baffled between what is right and what is wrong. Children and teenagers are at a stage where they are easily influenced by what they see around them. Young teenage boys who are exposed to pornography may view the female body for only sexual pleasure. Many adults who purchase these pornographic movies and magazines become addicted to a life of fantasy and unreality. Both men and women who view pornography frequently often go into the real world expecting what they see in films or magazines. When they discover that what they see is only fiction, they return back to their movies and magazines to replace their disappointment. Soon pornography becomes so much a part of their daily lives that they become confused with what is real and what is not. Pornography has extremely affected the American lifestyle and should be put away before it leads society to further corruption.

Pornography has become a great influence among our society. It has led the conscience of young children, adolescents, and adults to confusion between right and wrong. Every where you look and no matter what time of day, you can locate pornography as easily as adding one plus one. Pornography has gone too far and should be limited in the source of availability.

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