Sex, Erotica, nude women, three some, these are some keywords for finding pornography

on the internet. The

censorship of pornography has a positive affect on the United States of America and is a

good thing because

pornography leads to crime, pornography has no positive affects on society, and censoring

pornography is not

against the constitution. Crimes and pornography have a direct and apparent link.

Eighty-one percent of

criminals rate pornography as their highest sexual interest ( ). This means that the clear

majority of criminals love

pornography and find it highly interesting, most other people probably rank other human

beings as their highest

sexual interest. When an adult book store is closed the crime rate in the surrounding areas

falls significantly (

188). Also It was found that child molesters have a higher probability of molesting a larger

number of victims

and it is likely that these offenders have some access to pornography or erotica. ( 189).

Over all crime and

pornography do have a link between them and that makes censoring it a positive idea for

America. Pornography

has no positive effect on society. The American population agrees that pornography does

not serve a legitimate

purpose. Seventy-two percent of Americans want some sort of crack down on

pornography. Also Ninety-two

percent of Americans want a crack down on child pornography because it has no value

and is disgusting and

against the law ( 179). Pornography was found to have little redeeming social value by

artistic criteria and is

close to worth less ( 218). The censoring of pornography is not against the United States

Constitution. The

reason why pornography is not included under the constitution is because it was

demeaned by the United States

Supreme court in 1973 to be lewd and obscene material ( 173). The first amendment was

intended to protect

political speech in America not the speech that includes the exploiting of women and

photography of women

being raped ( 183). The founding fathers did not intend for their bill of rights to be

exploited in the ways that it is

today they would have wanted us to have a safe and peaceful society. That would be one

that does not include

pornography. The opposition to the censoring of pornography will say that it is against the

United States

Constitution, which it is not. They will also say that it is censoring thoughts and ideas not

actions. Lastly they will

say that if you censor one thing what is there to keep you censoring other things and that

will lead to the collapse

of what America was built on freedom. First, there are no legitimate arguments against

censorship all of the

arguments are intended to frighten one into believing the way they do. The argument that

the censorship of

pornography is against the constitution is a false and ludicrous idea. The Supreme court

did rule that it is not

against the constitution to censor pornography. The censorship of pornography does not

censor thought and

ideas it does not say that one needs to not ever have a dirty thought or even that one can

not talk about it to

someone else. What it does mean is that by censoring material published in the media form

we will be protection

our society. Last is the most ridiculous argument of all the on that says that if you censor

one thing it will cause

you to censor more and more things until the there is nothing left to censor. The censorship

of pornography has

worked in many other countries before an it has not caused a massive increase in the

censoring of other ideas

what it did cause was a fall in crime rates ( 174). The one thing the opposition failed to

prove was what is

pornography's positive affect on society. In conclusion the censorship of pornography

does not have a

downside. It will decrease the crime rate, it will make America a better society, and will

up hold what the

founding fathers want free political speech not free speech to watch children getting raped.

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