Andrew Potievsky

The Qur’an is like a bible really. The Islamic people believe it to e the ultimate moral authority. Its basic moral message would be to follow Allah and believe in him no matter what the problem and always have faith in Allah. An example would be the “ we make no difference between one and another of them. And we bow to Allah (in Islam). It is similar to Judaism because it was all monotheists, which meant that they all believed in one god only. An example would be that “say ye: “we believe in Allah and the revelation given to us “

It is Similar to Christianity because they believe in being baptized and so d the Islamic people. An example would be this “ (our religion is) the baptism of Allah and who can baptize better than Allah and it is He whom we worship. It would be different from Christianity because Christianity believes in one God only but The Islamic people believe in Allah. An example would be “For Allah is the lord of Grace abounding”.

I thought the Qur’an was in a way surprising because of how the believe in Allah so greatly that it is just amazing of how the have complete faith in Allah. I also found some parts puzzling because I did not understand some things that were expressed in the suras. Overall it showed how Allah is like the center for the Islamic people.



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