South Africa Term Paper

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south Africa has been the hotspot for racial conflict since 1948 when the National Party was elected and they began to enforce the apartheid system. Democracy would provide a more just and fair system for the majority of the citizens of South Africa, which are black. Before a Democracy was set up it gave the majority of the power to the white Afrikaners although they were the minority. During this time, it was one of the only few systems a minority had taken most of the power. Mainly Afrikaners of Dutch and German descent had taken control of the government is South Africa limiting the rights and segregating the four major racial groups in South Africa: the black (74%), white (14%), colored (9%), and Asian (3%).

During the 1950s there were increased protests against the government apartheids and In 1960, 69 protesters are killed in Sharpeville. Finally in 1961, South Africa becomes a republic and leaves the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1984 a new constitution is adopted but it fails to include blacks as a part of the government. In 1986, things started to change for the republic of South Africa. Trade Sanctions were imposed on South Africa deeply hurting their economy. Apartheid was getting very bad criticism from other nations. Then to make things even better, in 1990 Nelson Mandela was released after spending 27 years in prison and the ANC was legalized. In 1991 apartheid was abolished and South Africa began preparing for multi-race elections. Mandela led the ANC to victory in the country s first elections and became president.

During 96 98 the Truth and Reconciliation commission was set up to hear testimonies of injustices to blacks and other race groups during the apartheid era.

A Democracy provides a more efficient and fair system of government that gives equal rights and does not discriminate. However, torn by years of apartheid, blacks have already been placed in a position where it is very hard to move up in society. Blacks still have the lowest income per capita in South Africa. It will still take a while since the ANC can help undo the wrong years of apartheid have created.

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