Old Africa Vs. New Africa Term Paper

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Old Africa vs. New Africa Aaron S On my essay about "Out of Africa" I will compare and contrast old Africa and new Africa. During the movie Africa was under European power. There were only independent countries. European leaders dictated their government. Africa has since become independent. European power has greatly changed education over the years. White people are known as the highly educated. Africans do not go to school, instead they work on farms and do other labor. The environment hasn t changed much since European rule, it is still rich with forests, deserts, and savannas. Most of Africa has learned to use their natural resources. Oil, copper, gold, and diamonds are just a few. Farming still plays a major role and is still the main way of living. White people for the most part control mining, which is one reason Africans farm. The farmers are found in the poorer countries where the natural resources are not found. Health wasn t really discussed in the movie, except her bout with syphilis. However today in Africa when they dig into the rain forests they uncover things like Ebola and the aids virus.


The social aspect of Africa has changes a lot. Before society was dominated by the upper class white Europeans. Black Africans were at the bottom. When control came to them they changed this. They are in upper and lower classes together now. Religion of Africa is a mix of Christians, Muslims, and tribal. Not much has changed there. The military where European armies once occupied Africa has changed in that today most of the African countries have their own military armies. Race wise Africa hasn t changed much since the movie. Much of the Sub-Sahara Africa was lived in by black Africans and the northern part of Africa was home for the Arabs. Now Africa has so many communities where white people live. One country where the white people have a say in South Africa. 25% of this country is white and the largest population.

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