Western Domination Term Paper

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Western Domination

Between the U.S. and Britain, there is so much hypocrisy it s horrible. We demolished the very essence of some African tribes on purpose. We introduced a new and wonderful religion, and destroyed their very way of life. We told them, as if we really knew, that their gods were false. We said we have the only true god. This scared the Africans into our religion. Any other religion wouldn t be tolerated. We thought their very way of life was worse than ours. We may still think running around with spears and whatnot is savage. Is it? We suppose not helping them out of this savageness, we are neglecting them? Or is it just a lust for power? Wouldn t be the last time . A long resource consuming cold war against communism is justifiable . Because they are different? Huh. It s not like Desert Storm had anything to do with power either, just some useless oil. The western lust for power destroyed Africa. We sent in missionaries to slaughter their way of life, or at least to Chinua Achebe s interpretation.

The worst thing we did was Christianity. They had their own god; they didn t need ours to rip the believers and the other believers apart. If Africans could have matched our fire power, and driven us back without heavy losses they would have. Christianity became the bacteria that grew upon African traditions and ways. It became the backbone that kept the movement alive

Sadly, the preachers truly had no doubts about the verification of their god. Scare tactics from hell and heaven may have escalated the growth of Christianity, just as it had conquered Rome. Rome put up a fight, but as the emperors one by one became Christians, so did the people of Rome. As Brutus ran Caesar through, the kindly, humble preachers put a dagger in Africa s back, and left it to die, in agony and pain as a glorious nation crumbled. Africa will never be the same; part of this world will die with African customs.

One more thing that s ruining Africa is the western way of life. Stores, free enterprise, currency, etc. ruined African ways. It s slightly harder to picture an innocent young lady walking back from a stream with a Rubbermaid box balancing on her head. It is just not the same.

Apparently, there s something about western life, or just Christianity that is pure lust and corruption of sorts. We have killed Africa and not just customs we have taken lives. We fought for Africa s death, and if we could communism would be dead as well. Too bad in this imperfect world the bad guy doesn t always lose.

The irony it s okay to take over a countries religion, and its ok to bomb them to their knees if they don t cooperate, so long as we don t bomb their leaders. Make sense?

All in all, we re greedy. We want more area to control. We want no nemesis to gain enough power to hurt us. Yet, we re the good guys with the iron fist?

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