Economic Development In Zimbabwe Term Paper

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Economic Development in Zimbabwe

The country of Zimbabwe is one of the most economically developed on the

African continent . A fairly young political entity, Zimbabwe has only

enjoyed recognized autonomy since 1980, the year in which the United

Kingdom repealed its imperialistic claims to the African nation . Despite

its youth the country has achieved a level of economic development

uncharacteristic of sub-Saharan African nations. Second only to South

Africa in economic development, Zimbabwe's economic system is one

indicative of a transitional country, a country making the transition from

dependency underdevelopment to self-reliant industrialization. The purpose

of this essay is to make a cursory but adequate examination of Zimbabwean

socio-economic and political system, as means to analyzing the countries

economic development. The ultimate purpose of this study is to provide a

model of the structure necessary to achieve economic development where none

previously existed. Zimbabwe is an appropriate model because the dynamics

of underdevelopment to development in this country are readily apparent.

This model can be useful in understanding underdevelopment in other so

called "third-world" countries and in determining what is necessary for

these countries to make the transition to industrialization.

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