Out Of Africa Term Paper

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Out of Africa

The story is about a Danish girl, her name is Karen Blixen who went to Africa after she married with Baron. In Africa and more precisely in Kenya she started to run a coffee-farm. But its failure in 1931 caused her to return to Denmark. Baroness Karen Blixen spent 17 years in Africa. Karen began the coffee-farm with her husband, and continued to oversee the farm even after she separated in 1925. Th e farm was an unprofitable venture.

Blixen shares her experiences in her book. actually she is not like all the other colonists. She helps the Kikoejoes, they are the native population Ngong Hills. When the children are sick she helps them and she gives them medicines. Kamante is her cook and he his a native child. Kamante is her cook because one day Karen helped him whit a disease .

Denys is a friend of Karen, he liked to her a story tolded . Denys lived in her house between safari. He was a good friend. Denys also had a plane and from time to time Karen flew with him over Africa.

When Karen left Africa she had to say goodbye to a lot of peoples. E everybody liked her. She was a friendly girl and when she was in Denmark she received letters from her friend sin Kenya.

It is not a book like an other. Karen describes her surroundings -Africa's people, she pays careful attention to detail.

I have chosen this book because I have lived in Africa for 11 years and while I was reading the book I recognised a lot of things. I knew what she was talking about. It looked so familiar to me.

And so I liked the book.

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