Sexually Transmitted Diseases Term Paper

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Sexually transmitted


What is an STD? An STD is an abriviation for sexually transmitted dieseases.What does this all really mean? STD's are dieseases that are tramsmitted sexually and can attack reproductive organs, pubic hair and bends & folds in the skin. There are two in my mind that pose the greatest danger to teens: AIDS and Genital warts. Genital warts can ruin a persons social life and so can AIDS but AIDS can also kill!




The transmission and symptoms of the two STDs I chose are severe!Genital warts are highly contagious. The warts can occur on the shaft of the penis, the scrotum and the anal area of the male, or the perinial area of the female ( between the vagina and anus). HIV can only result in high risk behaviour. It is not spread threw casual contact or threw the air. The HIV virus attacks the white blood cells which kill all intruders to the body. It slowly kills the white blood cells which then leads to the HIV turning into full-blown AIDS. which can lead to the contraction of relatively

unknown infections.


The short and longterm consaquences for these two dieseases are quite severe. With genital warts there a basically no shortterm consaquences but the longterm consaquences are devastating for woman, the come down with cancer of the cervix and the men just get warts.

Now AIDS is just scary! AIDS starts off as HIV (shortterm) but as it gets your white blood cell count low enough your just as vulnerable as a phetus in the world. You get full-blown AIDS for the rest of your life (longterm)! You get all sorts of infections that the avarage man doesn't get which can even kill you because you can't fight it off.


The best methods for people to be aware of STDs are by shoving information in their face by television, the internet, radio, ads and your local library. It simple to miss some that is avoidable but when something is in your face you can't miss it so this how people can be informed about sexually transmitted dieseases.

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