Star Trek: First Contact

Space! The final frontier, as many Star Trek stories go. This newest Star Trek movie incorporates two story lines. Half the crew fighting their enemy on the star ship Enterprise and the other half on earth. The time they are fighting the Borg is also important since the Borg went back in time to stop the Earthlings from making first contact. This story is based in the 21st century instead of the 24th century.

Most of the action is based on one of two places. Either on the U.S.S. Enterprise with the crew fighting off the advances of the invading Borg or on the planet Earth with the away team helping out Zefram Cochrane set up the Phoenix shuttle for it's historical trip in wrap travel.

As we have seen in other movies, this one goes back in time to stop an evil force from changing history. The main difference in this move is that the past is what the viewer considers the future. Another is that the creators of Star Trek had to stay away from the current Earth look due to the fact they had already used that setting in another Star Trek move from the old cast.

As the move goes on the Borg is trying to take over the U.S.S. Enterprise and simulate the crew into Borgs. The two major players in the down fall of the Borg are Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lt. Commander Data. Data was taking captive by the Borg so he was the man in the inside. Were Picard, a former Borg that was de-simulated, knows the Borg like the back of his hand and was fighting from the outside try to save Data. In the end, Picard and Data meat up once again to save each other and to defeat the Borg.

Star Trek, First Contact was another movie for the history books. The creators once again out did themselves and put themselves to another limit. To expand our minds to even grasp this concept is mind boggling. In my opinion, this is a must see for a Star Trek lover out there today.

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