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From: Mr Khashayar (Energy Engineering student)

#23, Alley2, Hamila, Pounac sq, Tehran, 1469684843, Iran.

Fax: +9821 4419022



Dear sir/Lady,

It has come to my attention that your research center gives some helpful information on my desire course of study.

Let me explain briefly about my education background. I received B.S degree in 1999 with a major in Mechanical Engineering. (Heat and fluid branch) later, I began new course for M.S degree since 1999 in Energy Engineering (which continues)

At present, I am searching and editing my final project. The title of my research would be “ Technical and Economical evaluation of geothermal energy systems”. Also, the subtitle named as “ Geothermal Heat Pump”.

The main idea of this project is mentioned below:

1. To collect a technical and energy model consisted of general information such as exploration, drilling, capacity of equipments, etc.

2. to gather economical plans based on technical model. In other words, we should consider the application of heat pump as well as economical point of view.

3. Comparison to geothermal heat pump and traditional air condition systems. Furthermore, to explain advantages and disadvantages of each system.

4. Comparison to geothermal heat pump and traditional heat pump.

5. Conclusions.

I’d like to call your attention to this matters, unfortunately in Iran there is no sufficient and reliable sources on renewable energy. So, our references are very limited.

All of my professional information was on the basis of searching Internet.

The Iranian society of mechanical engineering has published a special magazine titled “Mechanical Engineering”. As a member of this association, I wrote an article titled Geothermal energy which published.

You will see that I thoroughly enjoyed to have all information that would be helpful and constructive in my study.

At the end, you are kindly requested to send me, if available, guidelines for following items:

1. General reports on Geothermal Energy by referring to historical analysis as well as the usage of different systems

2. Comparison to economical and environmental systems.

3. Using technical information and its effect on corrosion hydrothermal in order to understand technical model.

4. To bring in general information to introductory plans.

5. To make use economical division of data.

6. To analyze technical and economical obtain sources, to examine flexibility and result.

7. To plan technical parameter as well as to present heat pumps.

8. General analysis of founds, discussing and resulting on them.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much in advance.

Very sincerely yours,

Mr Khashayar.

Word Count: 421

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