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September 21, 1998 Go Ask Alice The character "Alice" is a strong person. Throughout the book, she had a sense of maturity, that later enabled her to take back control of her life. She dealt with her problems and got herself cleaned from the influence of drugs. She also had to be strong to call her parents when she had run away. She faced her drug problem right in the face, by saying "No" when people asked her to do drugs. She was able to stop using drugs and become clean. You have to have strength to deal with these incidents. "Alice" was also depressed. At the beginning of the book, Roger had stood her up. When she moved, she didn't have any friends, even though her brother and sister did. When she went to stay with her Grandparents, she was introduced to drugs. She later relied on drugs to keep her life going. She ran away when her dealer/boyfriend was arrested. She was terrified he would come after her. Both of her Grandparents died, and she was close to them. She was a very lonely and sad teenager, and she had to deal with a lot.


Like most teenagers, "Alice" was self conscious. The "in" crowd disliked her when she stopped doing drugs. She was afraid everyone was watching her because they knew she was a drug addict. She was worried about her weight and her looks at the beginning of the novel. She wanted to be perfect. She was keeping her drug problem a secret from her parents, and that was making her feel bad about herself. Self confidence is hard to find as a normal person, but "Alice" had an even tougher time because of her drug problem.

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