Writing Term Papers

Writing Term Papers


Term paper writing is a regular activity encountered by every college student throughout the course of an academic program. Due to the fact that college students get to deal with term papers so often, it is imperative that students develop writing, analytical and critical skills necessary to deal with such projects effectively. Term papers can be done on any topic as long as there is sufficient room for academic research and analysis. The first and foremost part of the process is collecting information and conducting literature review.

Literature Review

Any term paper project calls for literature review. The point of a term paper is to show that you have studied the subject in a detailed and in-depth manner. You cannot write a term paper using only your personal knowledge or experience because that won't be a term paper. Term paper projects are meant to make students go to the library and spend a week looking for and reading pertinent literature written on the subject by some influential thinkers. This process is called conducting literature review and it is an integral part of writing a term paper. For a wide majority of term paper assignments it is suggested that students use books, peer-reviewed journals, newspaper articles, magazine articles or any other published resources related to the subject. Professors do not approve of using internet resources because it is believed they are not as credible and published works, so if you have an idea of pulling an article from wikipedia and listing it as a resource on your bibliography page you should stop and think about whether or not such research is accepted by your professor. As long as you stick to recognized published resources your literature review should go fine.

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