Spending Habits to Leave in 2022

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Jan 7, 2020

Spending Habits to Leave in 2022

"On Sale. Add to Cart. 50% off, and No Shipping Fee!". These words can be comforting, but at the same time, it can be dreadful. Somehow they can fuel every person’s spending compulsions. It started out as conveniently buying items you actually need, then it continued to buying whatever’s on sale just because you don’t want to miss out. Until you’ve finally given in to the marketing techniques used to get consumers to spend more of their money. This is not a problem until you find yourself in huge debt for over-treating yourself because you think you deserve it. There is a point where you have to leave your spending habits behind and teach yourself to buy stuff that is value for money - nothing more, nothing less.

A lot of people are starting anew this year. The new year is a chance for them to begin fresh and do things all over again - somewhat like a reset on life. Not entirely, but just enough to leave toxic traits behind. Among the changes people strive to get this new year is the chance to gain control of their money once again. Everyone has undesirable spending habits and it varies on the product they constantly buy. If you’re someone who is on a strict budget, probably a college student trying to save money, or you’re already working but striving to pay off student loan debts , in whatever case you want to be able to save enough money for emergencies. Emergencies like spending money on printing your thesis, hospital visits, and other tasks that will actually help your overall well-being. However, because of your bad spending habits, you end up spending most of your money until you’re left with nothing until your next allowance or salary. In this post, we help you with the change that you need. Here are some spending habits to leave in 2022:

Spending Habits to Leave in 2019

Buying low-quality cheap products 

One spending habits to leave in 2022 is buying cheap but low-quality products. Prioritize quality over quantity. If you can buy one expensive but sturdy shoes that can help you in the long run then it’s a good investment. By doing so, you will likely spend less because you won’t have to constantly replace the things you bought for a cheaper price. You can spend less on authentic items by waiting for them to be on sale. This is particularly important if you're looking to buy things you need for college, authentic and sturdy is the key to have long-lasting items. 

Buying overpriced products

Not everything expensive is value for money. It pays to be a wise consumer as well. There products in the market that are cheap but provides a better alternative to overpriced items. This goes as well for subscription or memberships on gyms and streaming services. Weigh out your options and if you have alternatives that offer a more reasonable price then that’s the way to go. This spending habit doesn’t have a place in your life anymore if you want to save more money.

Over-rewarding yourself

Among the bad spending habits to leave in 2022 is the constant need to reward yourself out of reason. Of course, it’s important you give yourself a treat every now and then but make sure it’s called for. Working hard to earn money is hard, but so is having enough money at the end of the month and struggling to make ends meet. If you can’t afford to reward yourself, then make a limit. Dedicate time to when you’ll have enough money to reward yourself, and if you don’t then it’s better to save your money instead. 

Paying for services and memberships you don’t use

To further emphasize the second tip, don’t overspend on services and memberships you rarely use. Streaming services can be a great help to keep you entertained, but limit it to one if it’s possible. One for music and one for movies and TV series. If you still have cable, then maybe it’s time to have that service cut because nowadays everything is available online anyways. Expensive gym memberships can also hold you back from saving money. If you rarely find time to go to the gym, there are other ways to keep yourself fit and healthy, like taking walks or going for a morning run. Simply put, if you feel like you are spending too much money on paid services and memberships but can’t maximize your time to enjoy them, then it’s time to cut your subscription. Otherwise, streaming services might even be taking too much of your time that instead of studying for an exam or writing essays for class, you end up watching the next hit series on Netflix. 

Online shopping

The convenience and comfort of online shopping don’t come without a great cost. When you buy online once, you’ll likely do it over and over again because of how handy it is. But when you add up the shipping and service costs, you’ll realize how it’s costing you more than it should. The technique online stores use to trick you into buying more is giving discounts or free shipping when you buy a minimum amount of money or items. Online shopping is surely one of the spending habits to leave in 2022 if you want a life free of debt and an overcrowded apartment because you bought too much stuff online just to get free shipping. 

Borrowing money from your savings

If you are one of the lucky people you have managed to keep a savings account, then good for you! What you’re supposed to do now is keep as far away from you as possible. Make it hard to access so you don’t end up borrowing money from it and promising to pay it on your next payroll. It’s among the most crucial spending habits to leave in 2022 because it rids the purpose of having money set aside for emergencies.

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