How To Deal With Differences In A Dorm Room

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Sep 30, 2019
How To Deal With Differences In A Dorm Room

One of the joys of going to college is moving out of your home and learning how to live independently, but of course, it comes with a price—living with complete strangers. Some may find it exciting, some may find it frightening. If you are one of the latter, then keep reading. If you are not fond of socializing, then yes, it can be terrifying, but if you get past that awkward stage with your roommates, you may find new friends for life. Your roommates can be the ones you confide in about your struggles,  be it personal or about your academics; they can be the ones who will cheer you up when you are too stressed about college. Your roommates shouldn't be a cause of distraction when you are writing a research paper . If you have a strong personality and you like certain things to be done your way exclusively, a little adjustment won’t hurt. But you must remember: not all roommates end up being close friends. Nonetheless, you must try to make things comfortable for both of you. It is a delightful bonus if you end up being close friends. 

how to deal with differences in a dorm room

Tips on dealing with differences in a dorm room

If you are having trouble adjusting to your roommates, just follow these tips:

  1. Assign chores.  Doing house chores is one of the common causes of disagreement between roommates, so in order to avoid this, you and your roommates must take turns in doing the chores. For example, take turns on who will clean the bathroom. Perhaps you can also assign one of you to clean the bathroom, clean the dishes, take the garbage out, and so on. For your dorm meals, you can agree on who will cook.
  2. Inform your roommates if you will be having a visitor.  Be considerate of your roommates’ privacy. Some may not like having visitors during their spare time, and some might be planning to do something personal on that day, so inform them beforehand. Better yet, share your schedules with each other so you’ll know when you can bring a visitor.
  3. Keep your noise down. Avoid being too loud especially when it’s bedtime or when your roommate is studying. It will also be nice if you can come up with a playlist everyone can agree with.
  4. Have an agreement regarding alarm clocks.  It is really important that you compare class schedules and talk about how the alarm will work. If your class starts late, then tell your roommate how many snoozes you can tolerate and vice versa.
  5. Talk about study habits.  Some like to study with loud music on, and others want complete silence, so it is imperative that you compromise regarding study habits. If you have the same habit, then you can arrange a study session with your roommates.
  6. Talk about hygiene.  Having a roommate with a bad hygiene is hard to tolerate and might cause you distress. To prevent this from happening, set some ground rules about bathroom habits, eating habits, and organization of things, especially laundry.
  7. Be frank about habits that annoy you.  If your roommate is doing something you really cannot stand, gently remind your roommate to tone it down. Remember, always be polite when requesting them to tone down or put a stop to their habits that annoy you.
  8. Come up with neutral design everyone will enjoy.  To have a harmonious ambiance in the dorm, you and your roommates should agree upon the design of your room, and the placement of furniture.
  9. Respect your roommate’s personal space.  If you have established a great friendship with your roommates, you must still remember that there are social boundaries you must respect. Don’t go snooping around their stuff and avoid using something that belongs to them without asking permission.
  10. Be sensitive.  Be mindful of what you do. Always consider how your roommates will feel if you are planning to do something you don’t usually do. It wouldn’t hurt you to inform them if you’re planning to do something that might indirectly affect them.

How to deal with a difficult roommate 

How to survive dorm life if your roommate is not so friendly? Try these tips:

  1. Try to engage in a casual conversation. You can start with a simple greeting followed by asking about their day.
  2. Offer him some food if you have some. When you’re eating, offer your roommate some food, but don’t be so insistent. If you will eat outside, ask your roommate if he would like to join you.
  3. If your roommate has no interest in befriending you, leave him alone. Don’t be too pushy, but always remain polite and considerate. 

Signs that you should move out

  1. If you have repeatedly tried to address an issue, but your roommate remains uncooperative.
  2. If your roommate is overstepping social boundaries and has no respect for your privacy. 
  3. If your roommate is stealing from you. 
  4. If your roommate is doing weird things you find creepy.
  5. If you get stressed out when you think about going home because of your roommate.

Remember, in order for you and your roommates to have a harmonious relationship, you should always talk about the things wherein you must reach a harmonious compromise. In everything you do, you must always be considerate of others. It is natural for you to want to reduce stress in college , but if your roommate is making it hard for you, then maybe it’s time to move out or kick them out. Yes, you will have to adjust, but you shall not subject yourself to unreasonable amount of stress just because your roommate is difficult to deal with.

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