How Do I Become a Tutor in College

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Oct 4, 2019
How Do I Become a Tutor in College

There are people who are good at different courses and subjects in college, and you will eventually come across some of them. Some college students will not be particularly good at everything because they are likely more inclined to take a major focused on a specific field they want to pursue a career in. However, there are minor subjects that students have to take because it is required by the program they took. You can be an English major but still have to take classes in business or economics, or worse, math. Learning about a subject can be hard if it’s completely different from the major you chose. Then at the end of a term, often professors require students to write a term paper to see if they learned anything from the course. That is where college tutors come in. College tutors can either be professionals or just college students who excel in the particular subject – meaning even you can be a tutor.  

What are the benefits of being a tutor in college?

The benefits of being a college tutor

Being a tutor to fellow college students involves a lot of perks. It does not only benefit your student, but it can also be beneficial for you in some ways. If by some personal reason, you want to start a tutoring service, here are some reasons why it’s a great idea:

  • Earning while studying.  You get paid for your tutoring service. It’s one of the doable side jobs you can take if you need extra income to pay for college and lessen your student loan debt . In college, it is understood that you must do everything you can to not end up with mounting debt in pursuit of that college degree. Given that college is very expensive, being a tutor to your fellow college students may help you in the long term. 
  • Helps you earn a job experience.  Tutoring is a teaching experience, so if your desired career path is teaching then this will definitely be helpful for your employment chances when you graduate from college. Aside from that, there are distinct characteristics you must develop to become an effective tutor in college. Those abilities and skills will be valuable when future employers see your application in their desks. 
  • It expands your network.  When you lend your services to many students, you will be able to network with many different people. You will be interacting with college students who may end up being successful in their chosen career path. If you help them with a subject they are struggling with, they might offer repayments that go beyond monetary gain. Remember, college is the initial stage for you to expand your network with different people. 
  • It is a learning experience. Tutoring is also the chance for you to learn more about the subject you are teaching or merely learn more about teaching as a profession. You can explore your career path further if you delve in deeper through teaching others, and at the same time, you are learning in advance for yourself and your student. 

Steps to become a college tutor

You can easily be a tutor in college if you want to be. Here are some steps you can take on how to be a tutor to fellow college students. 

How to tutor a college student

  1. Step one. If possible, get a tutoring certificate . There are non-profit organizations looking to fill tutoring positions and this can help you gain experience. They may also help you find students to tutor. The National Tutoring Association has a program that certifies tutors under their name. This will also help you attain recognition. 
  2. Step two. Choose a subject you want to teach, and then build your knowledge and skill. You want to be able to tutor fellow college students in a subject you are most conversant in. Consider the subjects you have the best grades at and the comfort you have in teaching it to others who are struggling at it.
  3. Step three. Create a curriculum . A tutor often only has one student per session, so you can coordinate with your student what they want to learn or you can make a specific curriculum if you believe your way is better. Creating a curriculum is completely under your jurisdiction. You can also adapt to the curriculum or syllabus the instructor provided for the class. 
  4. Step four. Establish an effective teaching method.  Explore different teaching paradigms with your students and see what works for them and you. You can do engaging activities and fun projects as a way to teach your students. There may be different learning/teaching methods for each students, so do not be afraid to ask them what they prefer. Target their focus and their interest.
  5. Step five. Find a suitable place to tutor students.  If you are a student, you will not have access to a private office or a classroom to tutor students. However, there are places accessible to you and it can be a place for you to tutor fellow college students. 

Where can you tutor fellow college students?

Places to tutor students

There are times you might have to be in between places to tutor your students if certain areas are not available. Luckily, college students have abundant places to host tutoring services in or around campus. It can depend on where you or your students are most comfortable, so be open to changing tutoring locations from time to time. 

  • At home or dorm rooms. If your university permits visitors at your dorm rooms or your parents allow you to have guests at home, then a viable place for you to teach fellow college students are the places you are most comfortable in. In most cases, the student will invite you to come to their home for tutoring sessions if it’s within a reasonable distance. Tutoring in a personal space will give you and your students more freedom to employ your preferred teaching method. 
  • At the library. Libraries require visitors to be really quiet once inside, so this can be a perfect place for you to tutor fellow college students because silence can intensify your and your student’s focus. Just be sure not to distract other students from their self-study sessions. This might mean you have to refrain from loud activities in teaching.  
  • In the study hall.  The study hall is a place in campus set aside specifically for students to study. Much like a library, you have to be a bit quiet. However, there is more leniency in a study room because other students use the study hall for meetings in clubs or small campus organizations as well. 
  • In a nearby café or diner.  If by chance none of the areas mentioned above are unavailable, then another possible location for tutoring sessions are cafes and diners – granted that it is convenient for you and your student. The only downside to this is that one of you has to buy coffee or food in order to stay inside the premises. 

Where can you find college students to tutor?

There are many college students you will need to help with their studying. You just have to make your presence be known, and you can do so by having a consistent online presence or spreading word through students and teachers. You can post advertisements on social media, saying you can be hired as a subject tutor. Teachers may also connect you with students who are in dire need of tutoring, or your fellow college students will approach you directly if they are already aware of your services. The non-profit organization who certified your tutoring services can also help you find students you can teach. 

You do not have to tutor that many students all at once; around two to three students are enough. Don’t overwhelm yourself with so much work since you are a student as well. 

Depending on your expertise and background, you can charge your students at a base rate of $25 to $85 per hour. You need to make sure the money you are earning is enough, so it does not hinder your ability to do your work successfully.  

Writing help for college students and professionals

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