Best Podcasts for Language Learning

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Jan 14, 2020
Best Podcasts for Language Learning

Learning a new language is exciting. One of the best ways to learn a new language is by traveling abroad and immersing yourself in native speakers of that language, but that’s not the only way. Today, there is a variety of options for different learners can take when they want to learn a new language. ESL learners are particularly fateful in this department because there are many opportunities present that can help anyone learn English as a second language, and it can be through online classes, apps for ESL learners , and even in social media. One month of learning English will result in ESL learners being fluent enough to write letters or even essays.

A particular interactive way of learning a new language is through podcasts. But what are podcasts? It is a series of episodic talks or discussions with a host often focused on a particular theme or topic. A podcast is similar to a radio show only it can be downloaded online and accessed at any time. There are many types of podcasts that discuss diverse topics like books, crimes, movies, and other interesting points of discussion. There are also podcasts that can help people learn whatever language they are interested in, and it can be through just simply listening to them or having an interactive learning style with the host. Often formal learning in classrooms and online courses isn’t enough to help students be engaged with language learning, so it’s important they seek alternative methods to keep them entertained all the while grasping more details about the language they are trying to learn. Podcasts present a way for students to keep their language learning interests at a peak by listening to native speakers or language educators discuss and discover more about the language.  

How to choose a podcast for language learning?

When choosing a podcast, you have to be mindful of what kind of content you want to listen to. Consider these tips as you attempt to discover and explore the best podcasts for language learning:

  1. Depth of discussion . You want to be able to catch up with the topic and theme of the podcasts. Ensure that the podcast you choose is something you can understand easily, but at the same time will challenge you to improve your language acquisition as you listen onward. The best podcasts of language learning will engage listeners to a deeper understanding of the language may be through interesting stories or simply interviews with native speakers. 
  2. Educational but exciting . Many people seek alternative learning methods because they have struggled with a primary learning style. They want to expand their development by having more than one way to learn. Podcasts are both educational and exciting, depending on what podcast you listen to. If you find the one best podcast for language learning, then be prepared to have a fluid language acquisition. 
  3. Frequent episode updates . It shouldn’t be enough that you can keep up with the podcast, but it should be able to keep up with you. The best podcasts for language learning should have frequent weekly episodes to keep you occupied. The efficient way to keep your interest at its peak in language learning is making sure the tools you use to help you learn are updated and can keep up with your progress. 

Learning a new language is an exciting adventure you can add to your life experience, whether it’s for leisure or wanting to improve your skills. If you are exploring your gap year , taking a break from school, or taking in a new hobby, consider language learning as something to keep you occupied. With all that said, here is our list of the best podcasts for language learning:

Best Podcasts for Language Learning

LearnEnglish Podcast

LearnEnglish Podcast is particularly brought over by the British Council. It features over 20 hours of English learning content in 60 episodes. This podcast particularly caters to ESL learners and wants to be familiarized with the “Queen’s English.” The podcast can be accessed through iTunes and Google Play. It can help learners get through casual conversations in English and urge them to carry it till the end. This is the best podcast for language learning as it is primarily focused on ESL and learners who want to ace their conversational English skills. 

30 Minute Italian

Obviously, this podcast will teach you the Italian language. Aside from language, 30 Minute Italian attempts to teach learners about the culture associated with the language. It offers nearly 100 lessons and has interesting topics that will surely bait learners into bingeing the entire podcast overnight. The topics include teaching phrases, grammar, and conversational Italian for those who want a quick Italian lesson if they are in a rush to get immersed in the rich language and culture. 30 Minute Italian surely is among the best podcasts for language learning as it helps learners understand the Italian language beyond its technicalities. 

The Actual Fluency Podcast with Chris Broholm

This podcast features interesting and brilliant guests who are up for discussions about a variety of topics regarding languages. It has an eye out for minority and constructed languages and how it relates to culture and traveling for most people. It is served particularly to language learners who aim to be informed, inspired, and entertained all at the same time. At the same time, The Actual Fluency accepts questions and engage in discussion with their listeners. The best podcast for language learning will surely keep listeners and learners interested in every episode, and The Actual Fluency Podcast surely hits the spot with many listeners as it is more than just attempting to teach language, but letting them understand how it began. 

Talk to Me In Korean

Talk to Me In Korean covers a variety of topics about South Korea. If you are a big fan of K-pop or just a casual listener, then you’ll surely enjoy this podcast. This podcast covers Korean topics like culture, current events, music, and vocabulary. These topics will surely hook Korean language learners into sticking with the podcast in each episode because they don’t just get immersed in the language, they also learn more about the country in which the language belongs to. If you're a learner who is very interested in Korean culture because of their rich music, movie, and drama industry, then Talk to Me In Korean is among the best podcasts for language learning you can find online. 

Creative Language Learning Podcast with Kerstin Hammes

The host of the show, Kerstin Hammes, is a German tutor engrossed by different languages from around the world. She invites different language learning bloggers and experts to help her discuss language news and current events. She usually ends her podcasts with three advice about language learning and will ask their guests to pick their favorite. She reassures listeners to continue their language learning experience in whatever and how many languages to be adept no matter where they are in the world. Creative Language Learning is the best podcast for language learning for those who are looking for a little encouragement in their formal language education. 

Yes Japan

Yes Japan is a podcast hosted by George Trombley. This podcast focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and culture of Japan. It caters for beginner to intermediate learners, whether self-taught or learning through formal education. It is also perfect for listeners who aren’t exactly dedicating a lot for language learning but are just interested in Japanese culture and language. It is accompanied by a video that is available online, but it’s not completely dependent on videos to be effective, listeners and learners can still learn on the go. Yes Japan is among the best podcasts for language learning if you’re interested in Japan and all it offers. It’s believed Japan is a complicated language so having a podcast like this to continuously remind you of common grammar rules in the language can be helpful every now and then.

Speaking Russian 

Speaking Russian aims to teach learners the basics of the Russian language, and every episode focuses on a theme and a vocabulary associated with that theme. All of the discussions in every episode will be able to help learners how to carry a casual conversation to its end with ease. Speaking Russian’s website has helpful materials for learners in every listener making it an interactive way to learn the language. It’s the best podcast for language learning if you often find yourself in a complicated learning method when attempting to understand Russian. This podcast will be able to guide you back into your process. 

Innovative Language 

Innovative Language has different podcasts for any language in a 101 Series. It can be a go-to podcast for anyone who is looking to start learning a new language or want to be introduced to a new language. This podcast series attempts to cover a huge range of a language, breaking it down to its fundamental elements to for easier understanding. It helps learners and listeners how to understand words and phrases in a specific language and how it can be used in different contexts. Innovative Language is among the best podcasts for language learning if you’re a beginner or you just want to understand the basics of languages to embrace multiculturalism

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