Affordable Last Minute Christmas Gifts

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Dec 24, 2019
Affordable Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time for feasting, merrymaking, and showing love for each other. Christmas will not be complete, of course, without the time-honored tradition of exchanging gifts. There is nothing more rewarding than watching your friends and family’s faces light up when they unwrap their presents. But if your Christmas shopping list remains incomplete, or if you are having a hard time thinking of gifts to give, worry not! This list of 12 affordable last minute gifts for Christmas is here to help you.

Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for Christmas:

  1. Books ($15 or less) – You can never go wrong giving a book as a present, for nothing is more sophisticated than encouraging the love of knowledge and wisdom. If you have no time to choose a book that you think is perfect for the receiver, a well-chosen classic novel or the latest bestseller should do the trick. For younger ones, you can give something that they will need, such as books that will motivate them to succeed . No one would ever know that you bought that Christmas gift at the last minute.
  2. Stationery ($15 or less) – Make a statement by giving fine stationery. In an age where most communication is digital, this last minute gift will have your receiver scribbling thoughtful notes in no time. If you have a couple of days, you can even get custom-made stationery for that nice personal touch.
  3. Leather-bound journal ($20 or less) – A leather-bound journal is a last minute gift that the receiver will surely find charming. Elegant and useful, a journal is perfect for anyone who loves the written word, especially those who have a penchant for scribbling down their thoughts or aspire to  write fiction. Plus points if the journal doubles as a sketchbook.
  4. Socks and scarves ($40 or less) – Clothes are not just affordable last minutes gifts; they are also practical. But if you are unsure of their sizes, socks and scarves are the way to go. If you are also unsure of your recipient’s personal style, go for classic styles and colors. Trust us, 10 out of 10 your loved ones will appreciate those warm black cotton socks and that soft blue silk scarf.
  5. Teddy bear ($30 or less) – Nothing beats a classic. The teddy bear has brought joy to countless children around the world and will continue to do so for many generations to come. A nice brown teddy bear is an affordable last minute gift that a child will never forget.
  6. Reusable food/beverage containers ($15 or less) – Plastic pollution is literally choking our environment, and the tons of gifts we buy, receive, and discard every year are not helping at all. Instead of buying something that ends up in the trash bin even before the year is out, you can instead give reusable containers. Stainless steel tumblers, thermal travel mugs, and washable sandwich bags are just some of the sensible last minute gifts you can get. Affordable last minute Christmas gifts? Check! Must have for college students living in dorms? Check! Gifts to Mother Nature? Double check!
  7. Bread, cakes, and pastries ($15 or less) – On your way to a party and forgot to bring a present with you? No need to fret. Just drop by your favorite bakery and grab some freshly baked breads, cakes, or pastries. Baked goodies are a staple in every celebration. As simple as the gesture may be, giving these items as a gift comes across as warm, thoughtful, and gracious. Sharing bread, after all, symbolizes the spirit of unity in Christmastime. The best part? Everyone appreciates these delectable treats.
  8. Wine ($30 or less) – A bottle of wine adds that special touch to any Christmas meal. Contrary to the popular belief that wine is expensive, there are plenty of fine wines out there that sell for $20 or $30 a bottle. Californian and Australian wines are particularly famous for their high quality and reasonable prices.
  9. Handmade soap and aromatic oils ($15 or less) – Buying regular supermarket soap and air fresheners? Meh. Buying handmade soap and aromatic oils from your local artisans? Superb! When you give these artisanal items, you elevate something practical into luxurious without breaking your bank. A tip: Buy from homegrown sellers in your neighborhood. You get cheaper deals that way and help local businesses at the same time. 
  10. Neck Pillows ($10 or less) – We just cannot get enough of neck pillows. They add an extra layer of warmth and comfort, especially in this season where long-haul flights and road trips are simply unavoidable. Grab a few neck pillows in fun colors and your Christmas gift list is complete.
  11. Gift cards ($50 or less) – A gift does not always have to be something that a person can keep. Sometimes, the best gift is pampering your loved one. Want to treat your significant other to a day at the spa? There is a gift card for that. How about the nail salon? There is a gift card for that, too. At the movies? Same.
  12. Online streaming subscription ($30 or more) – If your receiver does not subscribe yet, you can actually buy subscriptions for services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix and give them as gifts. This last minute gift is just perfect for bingeing the best Christmas movies.

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