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Can I Really Hire Someone To Write My Essays?

Nowadays hiring an essay writer has become such a popular practice among college students that we have decided to put together this disclaimer page and talk about the pros and cons of having someone to write your term paper or essay as opposed to working on it yourself. A typical situation is a College or University student overwhelmed with written assignments and personal life problems looking for a quick solution. Typing a few words on a keyboard and entering a search command into Google or Yahoo will give at least a hundred of essay writing services and all of them will try their best to talk you into spending your hard-earned cash on their wonderful last minute deal writing service. The rates may vary from $5 per page (one site I've seen this morning) to $30 per page for 3-5 day turnaround. A typical 5 page paper will run you anywhere from $40 to $100 US dollars. All such sites claim to offer authentic writing done from scratch by a College degree holder or even a Ph.D holder. There are plenty of additional marketing gimmicks employed by such services and we will take time to review all common tricks here.

When you hire a writer, you should always go with a company rather than an individual, unless you are absolutely sure of that person's professionalism and honesty. If you deal with a company, you can always be sure that your money is safe, providing you pay by credit card. Even if it's bad luck, and you fall prey to a dishonest firm, you can always contact your credit card company for help.

We suggest that you always study the company's site in great detail and pay attention to the following things: order form, client testimonials and terms of service. An established business will have a detailed contract stating the rights and obligations of both parties. Client testimonials are also very important, if you want to hire a writer. Established writing sites will have hundreds of genuine client testimonials.

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